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3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With AI

AI can perform several activities that are still unknown to its human users

There continues to be no shortage of talk about the world-changing potential of AI. However, few people will understand just how much of a game-changer the technology is if they do not understand how, it is already being used in everyday life.

When many of us think of AI, we tend to think of high-tech applications such as self-driving cars or social media algorithms. However, these well-publicized applications only form a tiny fraction of what artificial intelligence actually does. With that in mind, here are some things that you probably didn’t know were being powered by AI.

Writing hit songs

One would think that such an intensely personal artform like music would be impossible to generate through lines of code, but you’d be wrong. A number of songs that have been either partly or fully produced through AI have gone on to become successful in the charts. Perhaps the most famous is the hit 2017 Alex Da King song “Not Easy”, which also features vocals from Elle King and Wiz Khalifa.

The song was first conceptualized using IBM’s Watson, which scoured the internet to determine the “emotional temperature” in popular culture to settle on lyrics and themes for the song. From there, a separate AI program was used to generate the catchiest possible beat. The song charted on both the Billboard and iTunes charts and numerous other songs have since relied on the same technology.

Improving online gambling

Even in the world of casino gaming, AI is making its mark. If you wanted to play slots and table games at a major casino like Mr Green, you would experience a form of gambling that has been shaped by AI. Mr. Green’s AI software tracks user behavior to create a more personalized experience.

Perhaps most notably, the Mr. Green algorithm uses behavioral analytics to check that its users are gaming responsibly, with bespoke recommendations and interventions being generated by the AI bot. This is one use of AI that could become a norm within the casino industry in the future.

Bringing the past to life

Have you ever watched video footage from a bygone era and wondered how the resolution is so sharp and pictures so vivid? The answer is most likely because of AI. AI is widely used within the film retouching industry to remaster footage from the past since algorithms are much quicker and more accurate at recognizing shapes and colors than humans can ever hope to be.

One stellar example of this technology in action can be seen in this footage of New York City from 1911, which has been brought to life entirely through AI. AI-powered film restoration is now a major global industry, with ambitious companies working overtime to develop algorithms that can bring the footage of the past back to life like never before.

These are some of the surprising ways that AI is being used in everyday life and culture that demonstrate the truly epic potential of this tech. Who knows what the future of AI will bring!

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