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How to Manage Project Risk with Construction Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Just hearing the words “construction data analytics” can make you giddy. But every day on a construction site, teams coordinate hundreds of subcontractors, manage thousands of open issues, and manage constant change on the job site. As construction projects become more complex, teams need the right insights to reduce risk and improve quality and safety efforts.

In addition, the digitization of construction processes and the use of mobile devices on construction sites will collect more data than ever before. But according to FMI, 95% of this data remains unused by construction and engineering firms. Data analytics is no longer a “nice to have”. Providing the right insight, improving quality and reducing risk is essential. Equipped teams with the right information and data can improve decision-making and project outcomes. That’s why we’ve built powerful data analytics capabilities into Insight products for both the Autodesk Construction Cloud integration platform and his BIM 360.

Let’s take a look at his four features of Insight that enable teams to use insights to reduce risk.


Within Insight, all stakeholders get an overview of important and actionable information through preconfigured, customizable dashboards. These dashboards can be easily configured by adding or removing card libraries (including third-party cards) from the card library, and by dragging and dropping cards to customize the view. Additionally, users can share custom her dashboards with other team her members based on role, company, or specific user.

Dashboards are created at both the project level and the inter-project level. Within your project, you can view up-to-date dashboards for quality, safety, project management, design, and risk (if your project uses Construction IQ).

Insight’s executive overview view allows executives to view a project-wide dashboard to make more informed business decisions and gain insight into the overall risk assessment. From these dashboards, executives can view individual project risk levels by location and drill down to identify long-term risk patterns. By analyzing patterns, managers can optimize processes for similar projects.

These dashboards make it easy to visualize project progress and determine which areas of the project need the most attention.


Reporting is a necessary but often time-consuming project activity. The goal of Insight is to make reporting easy. Create, schedule, and share reports in one place so your team saves time and always knows where to get the most up-to-date information.

The reporting tool offers a variety of reporting options, including issue, RFI, and submission summary and detail reports. Reports are easily customized and can be grouped or filtered according to your specific needs. Finally, these reports can be scheduled on a regular basis and shared with other team members based on user, company, or role.

“The reporting and dashboarding features in Construction IQ provide clear and concise feedback on the various project critical data streams. This information enables our project management teams to make the right decisions more rapidly and effectively,” says Michael Murphy, Digital Construction Operations Manager at BAM Ireland. “With these features, we’re having less reactive conversations with more emphasis on KPIs that can drive continual improvement. The simple visualization of the challenge or the issue alone helps us bring that focus.”

data connector

With a single click of a data connector, the team can quickly extract project data from his Autodesk Construction Cloud platform or his BIM 360 and make it available independently in other robust business intelligence tools. You can also easily schedule extracts and sync directly to Power BI via the Power BI connector. Additionally, to close the loop, Power BI partner cards can also be used to view those his Power BI dashboards directly in Insight dashboards and share them with other members of the project team.

We’ve also created an easy-to-setup Power BI template so you can quickly start working with your data and customizing your dashboards to see exactly what you need.

Data connectors save your team time and money by giving your team the tools to extract data without the need for expensive APIs or custom coding, while improving data visualization to make business decisions. Improve your decisions.

Construction IQ

Construction IQ is a machine learning based capability that delivers risk analysis of quality, safety, design, and project controls data from both Autodesk Construction Cloud platform and BIM 360 projects. Construction IQ moves beyond the traditional concept of static data and takes prediction to the next level with assistive, action-based intelligence. The capability allows users to:

  • Better manage project risk and outcomes by identifying high risk issues that have the potential to impact cost, schedule, quality, and safety
  • Evaluate subcontractor performance and predict potential risks on a day-to-day basis and for future projects
  • Help project leaders understand high risk quality problems and actions to mitigate that risk
  • Help design teams identify issues that are at higher risk to turn into costly RFIs downstream during construction
  • Give project leaders visibility into RFI risk to prioritize and manage RFIs that could add significant cost and schedule impacts
  • Help safety managers understand leading indicators to potential behavioral and environmental hazards and take proactive measure before incidents happen
  • Help construction executives identify risks across projects and proactively improve project outcomes

Most importantly, you do not have to do any extra work to get the benefit of Construction IQ. All data captured during construction is continuously and automatically analyzed.


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