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Securing The Data Ecosystem

Data Ecosystem

Organizations frequently feel pressure to decide how to priorities the most important data management tasks. They frequently take hasty actions to adhere to legal and industry requirements. Some people put cybersecurity dangers and data leaks above cost effectiveness. Many people are unaware of the cost-effective cyberattack protection offered by data management. Big data has grown tremendously in the digital sphere. Securing your organization’s data ecosystem requires developing a strong data management plan.

Due to the volume of data generated each day, data management may appear to be challenging. Although it is not a simple undertaking, your organisation can minimise the costs associated with improper data management by using smart management technology and best practises. high price and open to cyberattacks.

Understanding ROT data

ROT data, also known as redundant, obsolete, and trivial data, is one of three categories of data. The likelihood of a corporation becoming a target of a cyber attack increases with the amount of ROT data it has. By knowing its ROT data, businesses may lower risk and costs.

Because we attempt to store numerous copies of the same data set because we have been instructed it is desirable to keep everything, redundancy frequently results. Data that is obsolete and no longer relevant is exactly what is meant by outdated data. Mediocre data takes up space on the server, slows down processing, and is no longer helpful. Organizations can address this issue by determining which data needs to be retained, removed, or categorized.

Another challenge that comes with ROT data is that data storage companies operate on the condition that they retain the data and ultimately store it in the cloud. While the cloud seems to be a cost-effective solution, since the cost per gigabyte is so low, ROT data quickly adds up to monthly storage fees. To meet this, companies are buying disk after disk to support this growth, but within 5 years they are running out of space and have accumulated a large amount of disks.

The path to securing your data

Organizations must first decide what data should be retained and whether it is required for commercial operations or corporate compliance requirements. Financial information, for instance, needs to be retained for seven years for a SOX audit. The GDP legislation in Europe, on the other hand, mandate that user data be erased as soon as it is no longer required.

You can save your organization large sums of money with cost-effective and sophisticated data storage methods that manage unstructured data. The door is also open to data being used as a critical business asset that can be easily exploited and used for beneficial purposes. For some companies, key files or archives of certain sensitive data must be kept as long as they cannot be copied or accessed by unauthorized actions.

A smart practise is to authorise and monitor security occurrences in-depth. This assists in identifying access control methods that are very beneficial in protecting company data and provides data stakeholders with knowledge of potential risks, data vulnerabilities, etc.

By developing automated data discovery procedures that adhere to the necessary compliance mode protocols, organisations can swiftly identify and address concerns. Sharing medical information without a signed consent form or not removing account information when it is no longer required are two examples of this in real life.

Because they are not aware of affordable data management solutions, organisations shouldn’t ignore the growing cybersecurity concerns and data leaks. Data management strategies that help identify data and organise what has to be preserved, removed, or sorted must be understood by businesses. By safeguarding the data ecosystem in this way, we are altering the digital world. In addition to assisting businesses in adding value, this is crucial in cutting expenses and avoiding cyberattacks.

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