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The Influence of AI on Cloud Computing


Finally, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and the expansion of cloud computing are related. AI in the cloud can speed up enterprise digital transformation while also enhancing cloud performance and efficiency. To increase the effectiveness, strategic, and insight-driven character of corporate operations while also supplying more flexibility, agility, and cost savings, AI capabilities in the cloud computing environment are essential. The ways AI affects cloud computing are listed below.

Advanced Automation

One of the most significant ways AI is enhancing cloud computing is through intelligent automation. By automating operations that are traditionally completed manually, AI can help processes move more quickly and efficiently. AI, for instance, can be used to monitor and improve cloud performance, autonomously deploy and configure cloud resources, and scale up and down cloud services as required.


In cloud computing, AI is becoming more and more significant. AI can help with resource efficiency and optimization. For instance, Google’s DeepMind is utilising AI to enhance the effectiveness of Google’s data centres. AI can also help to reduce the price of cloud storage. For instance, the Glacier storage service from Amazon employs machine learning to spot duplicate data and erase it, which can cut storage costs by up to 50%.

heightened security

The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on cloud computing is always changing and improving. One of the most important ways AI enhances cloud computing is security. More organisations moving to the cloud means a greater need for stronger security measures. By enhancing the security of cloud-based data and apps, AI helps to fill this demand.

Improving Data Management

Data management has greatly improved because to the development of artificial intelligence in cloud computing (AI). Data management systems with AI capabilities can help businesses use their data more efficiently. Two essential data management processes that AI may enhance include data mining and predictive analytics, for instance.

Increasing Productivity

One of the most significant ways AI can improve cloud computing is through increased productivity. By automating tasks and processes, AI enables users to be more productive and effective at work. AI, for instance, may optimise workloads, automatically schedule and manage cloud resources, and provide recommendations to enhance cloud performance.


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