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What is the Google Bard AI chatbot and how does it operate?

AI chatbot

Accessible in India is Google’s AI chatbot Bard, an alternative to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. How to use a conversational chatbot is like this.

At the recent Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California, “Generative AI” was the hottest topic. Bard, a rival to Microsoft-backed AI chatbot ChatGPT, has received special attention as Google tries to catch up with artificial intelligence technology.

Like ChatGPT, Google’s Bard can understand and generate human-like responses. With Bard now available to users in over 180 countries around the world, including India, Google is poised to envision new ways to search the web for the future.

What is a bard?

Bard is basically an AI chatbot developed by Google. It’s based on Google’s Large Language Model (LLM), LaMDA, just as ChatGPT is based on GPT. These are a type of neural network that mimics the underlying architecture of the brain in computer form. Bard is separate from Google Search, the standard used by billions of people to find information on the web. Unlike traditional search, Bard is conversational, allowing users to compose prompts and receive human-like text and images generated by artificial intelligence.

In his own description, Bard is “a large-scale language model, also known as a conversational AI or chatbot, trained to be informative and inclusive.” “I am familiar with vast amounts of text data and can communicate and generate human-like text in response to various prompts and questions. You can create stories.”

Is Bard free? Bard is currently free to use. Google’s Bard was initially available to people on the waitlist in the US and UK, but has since been made available to people in 180 countries. Google encourages users to use Bard to provide feedback so the company can continue improving his AI chatbot.

How to use bard?

Getting started with Bard is easy. To use Bard, you’ll need to visit, sign in with your Google account, and access the Bard homepage. From there, you’ll be able to access Bard and its AI interface. Bard AI, like other Google products, is simple and easy to use.

Google Bard’s chat window is easy to navigate. At the bottom of the screen is a text area where you can enter your question or prompt and press Enter or click Send on the right to send it. Google also allows you to dictate prompts by clicking the microphone button in the text area.

As soon as you enter a written prompt, the bard will converse with you, much like a human would. The entire conversation will be displayed in the center of the chat window. After the AI ​​chatbot responds to your request, you can view other drafts of each response and give feedback for or against it. Google also lets you edit prompts.

Next to the prompt in the chat window is an edit button that allows you to edit and fine-tune the prompt to get new responses. The edit option is useful because the better you craft your request, the better your AI chatbot will try to understand your request and answer it more accurately. To the left of the text area are options to reset chat, bard activity, FAQs, updates, and help and support.

Does Bard save your conversations?

Google Bard doesn’t save your entire conversation every time you interact with an AI chatbot, but it does save your prompts and questions. Given the nature of Google’s data collection, we strongly advise against sharing personal information with Bard.

Can I use Bard in my native language?

According to Google, Bard can only generate answers in English. In addition to English, Bard also supports Japanese and Korean. Expanding language support beyond English is part of our plans to expand to 40 languages. May I ask Bard for the information I want?

no. Bard is still experimental and AI chatbot accuracy may be flawed. The underlying models, whether Bard or ChatGPT, are not fully updated with real-time information, leading to factual inaccuracies. Generative AI chatbots do not clearly know how to distinguish between fact and fiction. This can lead to the spread of false information on social media. We asked Bird if he could be trusted. Here’s what the AI ​​chatbot said:

“When you need factual information, I am an invaluable resource. I can access and process real-world information through Google Search and make sure my answers match the search results.” However, I’m still evolving and sometimes I make mistakes, so it’s important to be aware of this and always check the information I provide.”

What are some interesting use cases for Bard?

Users can use Bard in many ways. We can provide information, write code, translate languages, build resumes, help prepare for job interviews, and more. For example, I asked Bird how to make aloe vera juice at home, and seconds later the recipe and instructions popped up on my screen.

When I googled the same question, I didn’t see any recipes for making aloe vera juice. In fact, every time I asked Google for recipe suggestions, the search results included links to various websites. But Bard has been really good at finding solutions directly, as it simplifies the process of getting information exactly as we intended.

Search works differently. Google returns a list of websites that may or may not provide the information you’re looking for. As a result, you often have to keep scrolling down the page without getting the exact information you need. AI chatbots have conversational capabilities, which makes them smarter than traditional search, although not always accurate.

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