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Ada leverages OpenAI to deliver AI-powered customer service


Ada, a firm that automates customer support, has revealed that it is now utilising technology from OpenAI, the pioneering ChatGPT application’s creator and provider of AI research and deployment.

To give Ada’s conversational AI platform a big boost, the company will expand how it uses OpenAI’s technology. Ada has been using LLMs to automate billions of customer contacts for hundreds of clients over the past year. When compared to conventional corporate automation solutions, building, training, and maintaining a customer care chatbot using Ada’s new generative AI feature took 10x less time and effort.

Ada already uses GPT-3 to automate the training of customer intents, and the integration will be strengthened by utilising its clients’ knowledge bases to automatically create answer flows and content. Additionally, Ada is experimenting with generative AI to improve the conversational insights offered to both live agents and bot makers. An LLM-powered bot may be asked to create a summary of the chat before passing it off to a human agent, providing the agent with important context and save the client from having to repeat themselves.

LLMs are the foundation of chatbots, allowing them to handle additional tasks without human assistance, such as order returns and refunds, password resets, and other more individualised activities. By rephrasing questions and adding more context to the dialogue, customer service solutions based on these models assist businesses in better understanding their clients, enabling them to handle their problems more quickly and effectively.

Ada will use the tools and resources provided by OpenAI to create systems that can handle increasingly complicated interactions automatically.

“The world changed with the launch of ChatGPT and the opportunity for enterprises can’t be overstated”, “We’re going all in on using large language models to empower brands to deliver a customer experience that is far more contextual and intelligent. This approach fosters trust while enabling companies to automate more resolutions for their customers as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.”

Mike Murchison, Co-founder and CEO, Ada


“We’re excited to support Ada to imagine, design and power an AI-first approach to customer service”, “With OpenAI, Ada will enable the world’s best brands to provide a very differentiated support experience.”

Yaniv Markovski, head of Support, OpenAI

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