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Agility Launches New Native Google Translator App to Enable Multilingual Content Creation


In order to make it simple for marketers and content creators to translate information into numerous languages within the Agility platform, Agility has announced the release of its new native Google Translator tool.

One of the top machine translation services today is Google Translator, which has already been linked with Agility. However, Agility has developed a fresh, no-code connection for Google Translator as part of its growing market. Without specialized knowledge or bespoke programming work, content creators may now quickly convert their material within the Agility platform.

“At Agility, we understand the importance of creating content that can be easily understood by global audiences”, “With the new Google Translator app, we’re providing our customers with a powerful tool that streamlines the process of creating multilingual content with Agility.”

Joel Varty, CTO, Agility

Agility’s larger marketplace plans, which aim to give users access to a variety of third-party applications and services, include the launch of the Google Translator app. These integrations are made feasible by Agility’s composable architecture, which enables users to quickly combine several services to build a solution that specifically meets their needs.

“By empowering content managers with the new Google Translator app, we are putting the customer at the center of our focus. Now, they can effortlessly translate their content into multiple languages, making it simpler than ever to connect with global audiences”, “Our mission is to support content creators in reaching even more global audiences and ensuring their message resonates worldwide.”

Jina Zohori, Head of Customer Experience, Agility CMS

By fostering better collaboration, shortening the translation process, and raising the overall standard of translated content, the new Google Translator app is anticipated to dramatically improve the capacity of marketing teams to produce content. material producers can now quickly translate their material within Agility thanks to the native integration, which cuts down on the time and work needed to produce multilingual content.

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