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Akamai Announces Brand Protector To Defend Against Phishing Attacks and Fake Websites


Brand Protector is a new solution that can find and stop phishing sites, bogus stores, and brand impersonations, according to Akamai Technologies, Inc., the cloud firm that fuels and protects life online. With the help of Brand Protector, businesses can increase and maintain client loyalty while reducing revenue loss, productivity dips, and negative customer feedback.

Over 50,000 brand-new phishing websites are developed each week, claims Google. Before an attack campaign even begins, Akamai Brand Protector examines billions of digital activity every day from both internal and external sources to identify brand misuse. By preventing the sale of phoney goods, phishing websites, and the unauthorised use of brand elements online and elsewhere, this protects businesses from revenue loss and increased risk.

With a four-step process, Brand Protector combats the issue of false impersonations:
  • Intelligence: The most distributed edge and cloud platform in the world, our exclusive view of the global web traffic analyses more than 600 TB of data every day. Third-party data feeds are added to Brand Protector to deepen its intelligence and provide global awareness into attacker activity.
  • Detection: Today’s brand attacks deploy malicious, transient websites automatically. Instead of relying on updated lists or delayed feeds, Akamai Brand Protector tracks real traffic to detect brand abuse—often before a phishing attempt even gets started. The outcome lessens the impact of the attack, preserving consumer and brand confidence.
  • Visibility: A single dashboard view with a customer-centric design provides security professionals with crucial security knowledge. Data signals are sent via a number of heuristic and AI detectors after obtaining intelligence. With the help of impersonation threats, real-time dangers to clients are quickly understood thanks to Akamai’s streamlined user interface. Users click into an alert to view analysed threat data, including confidence score, severity rating, number of affected users, and a timeline of attack occurrences. Findings are ranked by threat score.
  • Mitigation: To reduce brand fraud, integrated takedown services assist seal the loop. Security teams can seek the shutdown of an abusive website using Brand Protector immediately from the detection screen. For convenience, Brand Protector’s takedown requests automatically include the proof and supporting information from the detection.

“Attackers are increasingly abusing trusted brand names to lure end-users through phishing and fake sites for the promise of financial gain”, “Detecting the rapid deployment of these attack campaigns and mitigating them can be a challenge for global brands. Brand Protector retains customer loyalty and revenue by addressing these external attack campaigns before they can gain momentum.”

Rupesh Chokshi, SVP and General Manager, Application Security, Akamai

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