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Appen Teams with NVIDIA to Enable Customized AI Solutions for Enterprises


Leading provider of data for the AI Lifecycle Appen Limited announced a partnership with NVIDIA to integrate Appen’s elite data services with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform. Enterprises now have access to a complete solution for developing, implementing, and completely customising real-time artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities thanks to this technology.

In order for businesses to obtain a competitive advantage, AI and data have become essential components. With the introduction of generative AI, a new era of corporate operations may be imagined thanks to sophisticated language models that are capable of handling challenging tasks. Accuracy and performance are more important than ever as businesses use generative AI solutions to alter their industries, businesses, and goods and services. Despite the foundation models’ excellent overall capabilities, businesses still have trouble tailoring AI to their particular use cases. In order to create tailored AI solutions that suit their needs and those of their end users, businesses are training models on their own data and workloads.

In order to ensure that their AI systems satisfy the unique and varied needs of their end consumers, Appen offers deep knowledge to businesses looking to structure, use, and supplement internal data. As a result, businesses are able to strengthen their brand voice and uphold brand integrity. Data is the first crucial stage in the AI lifecycle in the current market, but it is difficult to discover a cost-effective method that also produces trustworthy, safe, and dependable AI capabilities. Enterprises must function within an ecosystem dedicated to offering end-to-end customisable solutions in order to handle this problem.

“Our collaboration with NVIDIA allows enterprise clients in different industries to transform customer interactions, from traditional transactions to new AI-enabled experiences, using the full architecture stack – data, models, and compute”, “Appen and NVIDIA have been collaborating since 2020 on developing speech AI and language models, and we’re now expanding our work to provide a complete range of capabilities to enterprise customers.”

Armughan Ahmad, CEO, Appen

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform offers a cloud-native collection of AI and data analytics tools, as well as a sizable library of frameworks and pre-trained models, including NVIDIA Riva for speech and translation AI, NVIDIA Merlin for recommendation engines, and the NVIDIA NeMo framework for the deployment of generative AI. Utilising their unique data, demographics, and brand standards, businesses can design and implement fully customizable and production-ready AI capabilities. With data sourcing, annotation and labelling, as well as a full range of Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) services, Appen improves this offering. A notable example of a success is NVIDIA Riva services that were tailored to T-Mobile data and allowed T-Mobile to address customer complaints immediately.

“Building high-performing and cost-efficient AI applications requires enterprise customers to overcome multiple layers of technical and operational challenges”, “NVIDIA AI Enterprise simplifies the process and equips companies like Appen to offer customers an accessible, streamlined data path to building and deploying fully customized real-time AI capabilities for their customers.”

Hemant Dhulla, Global Head, NVIDIA AI Software

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