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Box Releases Box Canvas to Power Collaboration in the Content Cloud

Content Cloud

Box Canvas, a natively integrated virtual whiteboarding and visual collaboration tool from Box, Inc., the industry leader in content clouds, went live today. With its debut today, Box Canvas offers teams a strong new way to unleash creative imagination and elevate brainstorming and ideation while utilising the enterprise-grade security, compliance, and workflow automation features that Box’s 115,000 clients have come to know and love. Customers of Box will now have access to unlimited Canvases as part of their plans. At the Content Cloud Summit hosted by Box on May 9, the power of Box Canvas will be demonstrated.

“Modern work goes beyond static document types and traditional files – it’s fluid, dynamic, and constantly evolving”, “With the needs of hybrid work continuously shifting, we’ve delivered a solution that empowers people to collaborate where their work is already being done. With Box Canvas, organizations can work together to solve complex problems with creative solutions.”

Diego Dugatkin, Chief Product Officer, Box

“The way we work today requires new tools and technologies”, “With Box Canvas, our teams can seamlessly collaborate together, no matter where they are located, ensuring that our organization remains agile and productive as we research and develop critical treatments for patients suffering from cancer. Canvas is a powerful platform that has the ability to truly transform the way we work together.”

Nathan McBride, SVP of IT, Xilio Therapeutics

Secure collaboration, where existing content is stored

Since introducing the public beta version of Box Canvas at the beginning of the year, Box has expanded its formatting toolset and improved its communication capabilities to support hybrid teams in having more in-depth ideation sessions. As of right now, people and teams can:

  • Free-form drawing and text allow users to work how they choose, and diagrams, wireframes, and process flows employing connections and other visual features make it simple to convey data.
  • Keep everyone informed by allowing coworkers and external collaborators to brainstorm on an infinite number of Canvases with Box Canvas enabled, regardless of location or time zone.
  • Utilise prepared templates to get going quickly, and notify collaborators in real time via notifications and @mentions when something requires their attention.
  • Use sticky notes and comments to provide interactive input, and use emoji voting to promote consensus.
  • Utilise a single integrated visual collaboration solution that is secured by Box’s top-tier security to decrease complexity, costs, and content sprawl.

Box Canvas lets teams in any department and function get from the whiteboarding stage to producing results that can be put into action by unleashing the creative potential in every team member. For instance:

  • Canvas can be used by marketing teams to run interactive workshops that will help shape the upcoming campaign. The collaboration session will allow input from all team members, and once finished, the finished product can be saved and shared with internal or external teams for comments and subsequent actions.
  • Canvas can be used by product teams to plan and depict each stage of a login flow for a new app or product. Once complete, they can send the diagram using Box Relay to other teams for feedback or approval or store it in the team folder for future use.
  • Canvas is a platform that user experience teams may use to develop personas using a preset template and collaborate with their team to discuss the objectives, difficulties, needs, and tools for that particular user.
  • Canvas is a tool that sales teams may use to generate interactive account strategies, presentations, and sales dashboards. From there, they can include clients by asking them to take part in account planning and set mutually agreeable objectives.
  • Canvas may be used by HR teams to run interactive, enjoyable, and inclusive training and onboarding sessions. Each person is free to participate and contribute at their own speed.

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