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HPE Accelerates AG Digital Transformation and Business Outcomes with Cloud-Ready and Data-Driven Solution

Cloud-Ready and Data-Driven Solution
Cloud-Ready and Data-Driven Solution from HPE Speeds Up AG Digital Transformation and Business Results :

Life and non-life insurer AG Belgium chooses HPE to assist with its transition to a data-driven company in order to hasten business outcomes, recruit fresh talent, and lower TCO.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise today revealed that prominent insurance company AG in Belgium has chosen HPE to design, develop, install, and migrate all of AG’s applications to a more affordable and adaptable open systems solution in place of its traditional and outdated mainframe. With the help of HPE’s application transfer services and the new, standard infrastructure, AG was able to retain high levels of performance, cut operational costs by 75%, and improve agility to enable new API-based developments.

The largest insurance provider in Belgium, AG, covers roughly three million policyholders, including people, businesses, and independent contractors. In order to guarantee that the services delivered are robust, highly available, and always on, the insurance sector primarily relies on back-end infrastructure and crucial data. Insurance transaction latency and downtime have a direct influence on the customer experience.

The AG utilised mainframe technology up until recently. The utilisation of this huge central computer came at the expense of less flexibility and more expensive maintenance from specially trained profiles for applications demanding high volumes of data processing and crucial availability. To assist its digital transformation towards a better-optimized, automated, and data-driven insurance, AG needed a flexible and effective solution.

“Working with HPE has enabled us to move away from a traditional centralized IT to a modern de-centralized and cloud-ready architecture for a fraction of the cost”, “We feel confident that this modern solution will help attract new talent and put AG in a more competitive position in the long term to develop competitive, data-driven and API-based solutions while reducing time to market.”

Philippe Van Belle, Chief Information & Technology Officer at AG

The seamless migration of specialised insurance applications covering life, health, auto, and homeowners spread across more than 80 million lines of code and 100 TB of data running on the Cobol1 programming language took more than 25 employees from HPE Advisory & Professional Services, AG, and their partners MicroFocus, the technology provider, and Capgemini, the test services provider, three years to complete.

“I am thrilled to know the HPE solution will allow AG to achieve significant cost savings and power platform modernization”, “Moving from a mainframe-centric to a cloud-ready decentralized approach is a leap that will unleash AG flexibility while accelerating digital transformation.”

Stephane Lahaye, Managing Director, HPE Belgium

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