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Cloudinary Launches New Ventures and Debuts FinalTouch, an AI-powered Platform Transforming Visual Media Creation


Today, New Ventures was introduced by Cloudinary, the picture and video platform that powers many of the biggest companies in the world. Through the application of ground-breaking technologies like generative AI and the exploration of new visual media domains and business prospects, the new Cloudinary initiative will act as an incubator to create a lasting competitive edge. FinalTouch, a potent generative AI solution from New Ventures, is the company’s first commercial release. It instantly turns unremarkable product photos into alluring, brand-friendly sceneries. FinalTouch, which is now in alpha release and available for early access, was created specifically for small and developing e-commerce firms who lack specialised design and technical expertise.

Particularly in e-commerce, there is a constant need for captivating, high-quality photos and videos that attract customers. In defining what constitutes a “great shopping experience,” having a “detailed product gallery” was regarded as one of the most important factors (57%) in a recent e-commerce poll by Cloudinary. However, producing engaging visual content at scale frequently necessitates a large time and resource commitment. Businesses may quickly generate graphics and advertisements with FinalTouch without the need for design or development assistance, saving them important time and allowing them to devote specialised resources to other worthwhile endeavours.

This permits, for instance, a furniture company to photograph a new couch in its warehouse without first setting up a suitable location for a photo shoot. After that, the store uploads the photograph to FinalTouch, which recognises the item and generates a top-notch product image. From there, users can quickly construct a number of situations to examine how the couch appears in relation to various living room styles thanks to the conversational interface. FinalTouch can produce distinctive visual experiences in a matter of seconds without the requirement for a photograph, making it suitable for seasonal or holiday campaigns.

“New Ventures embodies Cloudinary’s inherent entrepreneurial spirit, deepening our commitment to continuous innovation and disruption. Our focus is on nurturing audacious pioneers, creating hockey-stick growth avenues, and harnessing the power of transformational technologies to shape the future of visual media”, “New Ventures blends the agility of visionary teams operating like a startup with the foresight of an established company and the invaluable perspective of our users, customers, and partners. Together, we’re poised to increase our chances of uncovering and capitalizing on the most promising new opportunities.”

Daniel Amitai, vice president of innovation, Cloudinary

“Generative AI opens up an entirely new world of opportunities for businesses and creators alike and media creation will never be the same”, “With FinalTouch, we are empowering businesses to transform their visual content in minutes, without the need for specialized design skills. Our aim is to make advanced generative AI tools accessible to all and to simplify the often costly and complex creative processes that ambitious brands must overcome. By starting with virtual photoshoots, we are helping brands reimagine their product galleries and create visually captivating product images their customers will fall in love with.”

Barak Leon, general manager for FinalTouch, Cloudinary

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