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Conversica Integrates Its Generative AI Conversational Platform With Salesforce Marketing Cloud in a Transformative Go-to-Market Initiative


Through this ground-breaking partnership, Salesforce Marketing Cloud clients can interact with leads and consumers in highly personalised, two-way, one-to-one open-ended dialogues throughout the buying process.

Conversica, Inc., the industry leader in conversation automation solutions powered by AI for enterprise revenue teams, today announced a partnership with Salesforce to integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud with its Generative AI-driven conversational platform. By incorporating Generative AI into an active discussion, which is a significant step above utilising it to recommend original content in outbound email or SMS campaigns, this will raise the bar for digital marketing automation. The declaration was made on June 7 and 8, 2023, in Chicago, during the Salesforce Connections Conference.

Conversica AI-powered Revenue Digital AssistantsTM (RDAs) will enable targeted, open-ended, and two-way conversations at every point of the customer journey by integrating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and enabling customers to actively engage with leads and customers via email and SMS. Through the use of this integration, customers of Marketing Cloud can enhance their company’s market-leading marketing automation platform, which focuses on top-of-funnel lead generation with customised one-to-one mid-funnel lead nurturing capabilities, by invoking personal AI assistants through journey builder custom actions.

Taking this a step further, brands may leverage Conversica’s personal assistants to give offers, product recommendations, and upsell or cross-sell campaigns in a human-like personalised two-way communication platform utilising Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization (Salesforce Interaction Studio). Instead than only receiving promotions, this enables customers to engage with brands.

A Different Take on the Buyer’s Journey

The integration of Conversica’s RDAs into Salesforce Marketing Cloud significantly improves the customer experience by enabling leads and prospects to have a dynamic “dialogue” with the brand’s AI assistant. This is in contrast to the traditional marketing approach, which frequently restricts interactions to one-way messages.

Prospects, cultivated leads, and current clients will now have the chance to participate in dynamic, tailored discussions across their entire lifecycle in a concierge-like experience. Through this revolutionary integration, new opportunities for consumer involvement and great customer service are made possible. With the help of this feature, firms utilising Marketing Cloud will be able to conduct data hygiene activities like asking for the most pertinent contact information and conducting further research like “Did you manage to find the products you were looking for?” Businesses can develop deeper relationships with their prospects and customers, get insightful information, and carry out meaningful activities that increase customer happiness and loyalty.

“This groundbreaking collaboration introduces a new era of marketing automation that transcends the traditional top-of-funnel campaigns”, “Now, organizations can nurture leads at the ‘mid-funnel’ stage by engaging in back-and-forth email and SMS interactions. This integration caters to Salesforce Marketing Cloud users from enterprise organizations and enterprises exploring Generative AI by enhancing their ability to deliver personalized experiences at any point during the buyer’s journey.”

Jim Kaskade, CEO, Conversica

Enterprise ecosystem and generative AI

The typical return on investment, conversion rates, and pipeline growth for Conversica’s RDAs are 24 times, along with 40 to 50 percent. The Conversica Custom Activity can be inserted into any customer journey flow for clients utilising the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to add a Conversica RDA. The Conversica API is utilised for that request when the Custom Activity is started, starting a one-to-one, two-way discussion with each contact on the list. Customers can take use of the connection without having to write any code or buy anything new outside of their current tech stack.

Conversica’s relationships with Salesforce are strengthened and expanded via the integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In order to create more qualified leads, improve efficiency, and improve the customer experience, the firm released the integration of its Generative AI platform with Salesforce Automotive Cloud in March. This allowed dealers and OEMs to automate their sales and marketing processes. The global partner programme for Conversica, which was started in January 2023, includes several efforts. Through strategic partnerships, the programme intends to increase Conversica’s geographic reach and provide value-added Generative AI platforms and solutions. This year, UHURU, CI&T, Doorkel, ISSICO, and Quantum Sports + Entertainment are among the others that have been named.

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