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D-ID’s Generative AI to Power Online Chatbot for Victims of Domestic Violence


International Women’s Day is celebrated through a campaign organised by D-ID and Spring ACT in association with Microsoft and UN Women.

A campaign to employ generative AI to increase online support for victims of domestic violence was just unveiled by D-ID, a global pioneer in generative AI, and Spring ACT, an award-winning non-profit that uses technology to end global injustices.

By animating the photorealistic avatar, Spring ACT will make their anonymous domestic violence chatbot more relatable and approachable by utilising D-text-to-video ID’s technology. This would allow users to communicate with the talking chatbot in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Swahili, and Chinese Mandarin, from anywhere in the world. Microsoft is assisting the Sophia campaign, which makes use of the text-to-speech features and cloud architecture of Microsoft Azure AI, through its Philanthropies initiative.

“One in three women worldwide, approximately 736 million people, are subjected to physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, with over 50,000 women killed annually by their partners or family members”, “UN Women is inspired by this global collaboration/initiative created to combat the worldwide shortage of governmental and NGO resources and to rectify the lack of knowledge and trust on the part of the victim. We are confident that the Sophia chatbot will reach and help more survivors globally.”

Adriana Quinones, Head, Human Rights and Development, UN Women, Geneva

The Sophia chatbot offers domestic abuse victims discreet support around-the-clock, regardless of their location, so they can feel secure enough to seek help. By leaving no digital traces for abusers to find, the method uniquely offers total anonymity. ‘Sophia’ assists victims to gather potential evidence and seek assistance in every nation in the world based on their unique needs. More than 15,000 people have talked to Sophia since her launch in December 2021.

“We developed Sophia to empower survivors of domestic violence to more easily reach out for help and take action”, “We are humbled to be able to now make this service more accessible for survivors no matter their literacy level by animating Sophia with D-ID.”

Rhiana Spring, CEO at Spring ACT

“We are proud to be collaborating with Spring ACT to help Sophia reach more victims of domestic violence more effectively”, “Applying technology to improve life for vulnerable populations is at the core of D-ID’s values. Sophia is an excellent example of how generative AI can massively impact society for the better.”

Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech, social tech entrepreneur and leading Impact at D-ID

“At Microsoft, we believe technology is a powerful force for good and everyone should have access to knowledge and benefit from its use”, “Domestic violence is a global issue which crosses countries and languages. Leveraging our technology to empower and support survivors of domestic violence demonstrates the strength and power of collaboration and community. We are very pleased to be behind this important initiative together with Spring ACT and D-ID.”

Andrew Reid, Global Partner Solutions Director, Microsoft Switzerland

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