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DataRobot Unveils New AI Platform, Ushering in the Era of Value-Driven AI


Time to value for commercial customers is accelerated by new features and integrations with SAP and Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

The release of DataRobot AI Platform 9.0, along with enhanced partner integrations, AI Accelerators, and revised service options, was announced by DataRobot. These features are all aimed at assisting businesses in realizing meaningful returns on their AI investments.

“AI has the potential to enhance every aspect of business transactions and human interactions to improve how we live and work”, “Since our founding, we have been 100% focused on helping enterprises realize measurable value from AI by offering an AI lifecycle platform designed to solve business problems, and the applied AI expertise to help customers envision what’s possible – and achieve it.”

Debanjan Saha, CEO, DataRobot

Customers can use Value-Driven AI, a novel and collaborative method that enhances how organisations manage, expand, and optimise their business, thanks to the DataRobot AI Platform. DataRobot is upgrading the essential features and functions relied upon by over half of the Fortune 50 with the new and enhanced platform capabilities introduced today.

“DataRobot’s rich machine learning blueprints, feature engineering methods and explainability features amongst others make it a cornerstone in BMW Group’s AI Platform to scale AI adoption”, “We use DataRobot for rapid exploration and development of AI models while adhering to the code of ethics for safe and trustworthy AI.”

Marc Neumann, Head of AI Platform BMW Group

The DataRobot AI Platform features ground-breaking breakthroughs that make it possible to:

Using Workbench, DataRobot’s brand-new collaborative experimental platform, for quick experimentation and value identification. Workbench enables users with both code-first and no-code techniques as well as the complete range of data science capabilities and comes with integrated managed Notebooks.

Reduced corporate risk and production obstacles thanks to carefully designed safety nets, including automatic model compliance documentation for both DataRobot and non-DataRobot models as well as bias reduction and centralized model monitoring.

With AI Accelerators and new AI service packages that provide customers access to years of DataRobot’s AI knowledge to begin AI projects and results, there is tremendous value from the outset.

“Before DataRobot, our process was very manual – we had success in pockets but our scale was limited”, “Polaris is growing rapidly, and DataRobot is key to allowing us to scale and expand ML across business units, making our existing team much more productive and driving the most possible value with AI. The DataRobot AI Platform significantly accelerates our speed of experimentation and makes it easier for the team to consistently iterate, find insights and share them with business stakeholders, and maintain value while in production.”

Luke Bunge, Data Science Project Manager at Polaris Inc.

With the most recent update, DataRobot AI Platform Single-Tenant SaaS is now accessible on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon, guaranteeing that clients with strict security and compliance needs may take advantage of all the advantages of a managed DataRobot service. Red Hat OpenShift is now supported by DataRobot for private cloud and on-premises users, allowing for quicker deployments and integration with current enterprise IT investments.

Moreover, DataRobot unveiled a just-announced collaboration with SAP that aims to maximise enterprises’ current investments. With the aid of the SAP alliance, businesses will be able to create unique machine learning models in DataRobot and integrate them into the SAP application stack by utilising business data from the SAP HANA Cloud and other external data sources.

“To succeed with AI, enterprises need a solution that will work within their existing infrastructure and investments”, “With its platform and integration enhancements that make it easy for customers to deploy in their preferred environment, DataRobot has demonstrated leadership within a crowded market. Their compliance and governance is also uniquely positioned to drive value for customers today.”

Ritu Jyoti, Group vice president, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation Research at IDC

In order to modernize both the code-first notebook experience for experimentation through assisted code generation and the collaboration experience between the data scientist and business stakeholder with an automated and interactive insight interpretation, DataRobot is innovating with the generative AI technology from the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

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