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Dell Launched a New Global Loyalty Program With Exclusive web3 Data Storage Benefits Provided by Oort


A new worldwide loyalty program with decentralized data storage was introduced by Dell Technologies in collaboration with Oort, a web3 data cloud service provider. On July 7, 2023, clients from Canada will be able to use the program. On July 26, 2023, users from the US and over 10 million other consumers will be able to utilize the service.

In order to bridge the gap between web2 and web3, Oort offered Dell customers a decentralized storage service (DSS) that includes data storage and data migration. This service enables users to store, migrate, and retrieve data securely from any location at any time. Additionally, compared to the most widely used current solutions, it helps to save up to 60%.

Users of web2 have much easier access to the new decentralized storage service. They may simply take advantage of privacy, security, and cost effectiveness without having to comprehend the complexities of web3.

“We chose to partner with Dell because of their global presence, established reputation for reliability, and commitment to innovation. By integrating our web3 data cloud services into their loyalty program, we are able to offer a seamless and secure customer experience backed by the trust and expertise of Dell”, “Our web3 data cloud offers a unique and innovative approach to Dell’s loyalty program by leveraging cutting-edge decentralized technology to provide enhanced privacy, reliability, and cost efficiency. Additionally, it allows for seamless integration with other web3 applications and services, providing users with full control over their data anywhere anytime.”

Dr. Max Li, founder & CEO, Oort

Oort has employed a decentralized three-tier node architecture for web3 data cloud services to reach enterprise-grade performance:

  • supernodes that support public and private cloud servers, as well as compute and database services offered by Oort partners.
  • Edge nodes enable storage and data transport capabilities and boost the Oort edge device “Deimos”‘s scalability, speed, and overall performance.
  • Current decentralized storage networks, like IPFS, have backup nodes that act as data archives and backups.

The introduction of Dell Rewards, the company’s newest customer loyalty program, is intended to promote strong engagement and provide excellent value to its sizable network of over 10 million global loyalty program members. This innovative program delivers a variety of features, cutting-edge services, and member-only incentives that especially cater to the distinct demands of Dell’s respected customer base with an emphasis on boosting members’ lifestyles and businesses by fuelling their hobbies and pursuits.

This loyalty program is going to redefine customer pleasure since it consists of carefully chosen Dell and Partner platforms, each giving member-only perks designed for Dell’s devoted consumers. Oort DSS, the sole web3 service in the program, is one of these platforms, and its participation demonstrates Dell’s dedication to consistently providing its devoted customers with cutting-edge technologies.

For its devoted customers, Dell Rewards is dedicated to building better relationships, providing first-rate assistance, and ushering in a new era of unmatched service and innovation.

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