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Denodo and Alibaba Cloud Join Forces to Deliver Logical Data Integration and Management to Medium and Large Enterprises Worldwide


The acclaimed Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization, is now accessible on the Alibaba Cloud worldwide marketplace.

In order to deliver the Denodo Platform on the Alibaba Cloud global Marketplace, Denodo, a leader in data management, and Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence core of the Alibaba Group, are pleased to announce Denodo as a Technology Partner of Alibaba Cloud. Through this agreement, businesses may take use of the capabilities of data virtualization for real-time analytics, logical data integration, and administration in a hybrid cloud environment.

The Denodo Platform, known for its logical data integration and management capabilities, provides numerous subscription options on Alibaba Cloud tailored to meet the financial needs and functional requirements of medium-sized and large businesses. This enables them to start small with departmental projects for quicker decision-making and scale to enterprise level as the business needs change for easier data integration and management.

“Denodo’s partnership with Alibaba Cloud allows enterprises to use a logical approach to rapidly access and deliver data siloed across multiple sources in any multi or hybrid cloud environments”, “By leveraging data virtualization technology, a fast-growing data integration approach for modern data and analytics, Alibaba Cloud customers can accelerate the time to decisions and at the same time simplify data management and integration processes.”

Selina Yuan, VP of Alibaba Group and President of International Business for Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

The Denodo Platform for Alibaba Cloud delivers a unified web-based user experience with single-sign-on, an AI-driven data catalogue, ML-enhanced smart query optimisation, Denodo Notebook powered by Apache Zeppelin, and many other innovative features. It gives the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem the same fully functional capabilities as the acclaimed Denodo Platform implemented in on-premises scenarios. Organisations may quickly create their logical data fabric or logical data mesh architecture for enterprise-wide data democratisation using the Denodo Platform for Alibaba Cloud.

“Many of Alibaba Cloud customers have global footprint and their data and analytics efforts depend on creating a real-time view of all of their data, in multi or hybrid cloud environments”, “This partnership reflects our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and empowering businesses with the tools and technologies they need to succeed in the digital era where data remains distributed across regional and cloud boundaries.”

Angel Viña, CEO and Founder of Denodo

The product teams at Denodo and Alibaba Cloud are collaborating closely to launch new features, such as a free trial on the Marketplace. Both businesses are also working together on various go-to-market strategies, like co-selling programmer in regional marketplaces.

“With native support for Alibaba Cloud Storage Services and MaxCompute coming soon and the ability to integrate data across ApsaraDB for Oceanbase, PolarDB, and AnalyticDB, the Denodo Platform enables superior analytics capabilities in the Alibaba Cloud”, “Looking ahead, Denodo and Alibaba Cloud have ambitious plans for our partnership and the value it will bring to our joint customers.”

Angel Viña, CEO and Founder of Denodo

Together with Denodo, Alibaba Cloud is dedicated to enabling businesses to prosper in the digital era through data-driven insights and seamless integration. Through this agreement, the full potential of data virtualization within the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem will finally be realised.

On July 13, at Denodo’s annual user conference, DataFest, in Singapore, Yuan and Denodo’s Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Alberto Pan, will give a keynote presentation about the company’s product offering to Denodo customers. The presentation will highlight the Denodo Platform for Alibaba Cloud.

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