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Digimind Social Instantly Analyzes Any Topic with Dual AI integration


The first Social Listening Solution from Digimind integrates two potent AI engines to give users a thorough view of their online presence.

The combination of Digimind AI Sense and OpenAI ChatGPT provides a seamless method for gathering, examining, and responding to online discussions.

The data scientist behind the operation, Digimind AI Sense, detects peaks and gives consumers the information they require. In the meantime, ChatGPT performs the role of the business analyst by summarizing the information gleaned from the data.

In order to identify important events concerning any company or subject, Digimind AI Sense has access to the most recent articles on Social Media, Blogs, Reviews, Podcasts, and more.

It recognizes the important KPIs for each event, including reach, brand effect, and critical mentions. This information is then sent to ChatGPT, which will interpret it and present a plain English summary of it as if it had been written by a human analyst in real time.

AI Sense can detect and identify key subjects, key influencers, etc. when a crisis or buzz (positive or negative) regarding a business is sparked. ChatGPT then uses this information to produce a summary of thousands of mentions in real time. Tweets, comments on blogs and forums, podcasts, etc. A summary is automatically presented to users to explain, in just a few phrases, the “why” behind the peaks, so there is no need to wade through messages or articles to understand their nature, the ins and outs of the trend, the buzz, or the looming possible disaster.

Additionally, this latest addition to Digimind Social can instantly analyse:

  • The success of a brand’s or competitor’s campaign, enabling you, for instance, to more thoroughly examine product launches
  • Consumer favorites and popular notions,
  • the development and spread of impromptu trending hashtags to identify new trends,
  • The influencers’ virality in relation to their speech or campaign subject

This analysis may now be completed in a matter of seconds, freeing up the Marketing and Communication Teams to quickly take the necessary steps.

With the help of this new social listening tool, marketing and communication teams can monitor the online reputation of their business and obtain insightful knowledge of the online discussions taking place about their brand.

Because it is so simple to use and so powerful, the technology is a useful resource for companies of all sizes.

Digimind is a market intelligence and social listening platform powered by AI that is intended for businesses and agencies that want to hasten their digital transformation by taking an insights-driven strategy. Best-in-class technology from Digimind converts social and internet data into useful business insights, empowering marketers to successfully plan, carry out, and evaluate their marketing strategy. Digimind is a member of Onclusive, a global partner for public relations and communications success, with offices in New York, Paris, Singapore, Grenoble, Rabat, Buenos Aires, México, Madrid, and Amsterdam.

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