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Habu Partners With Databricks to Bring Cross-platform Interoperable Clean Room Solutions for Data Driven Insights and Outcomes for Customers

Clean Room Solutions

Collaboration Upholds the Highest Level of Privacy and Governance by Combining Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform and Habu’s Intuitive Data Clean Room Solutions.

The lakehouse startup, Databricks, and Habu, a global innovator in data clean room software, have partnered to deliver native integration to each firm’s platform, making it easier for clients to use and provide cross-platform interoperability. By utilising the robust multi-cloud data clean room orchestration capabilities of Habu within the Databricks Lakehouse, the partnership enables businesses to take wiser business decisions more rapidly and at scale. Customers receive a special and comprehensive solution when Databricks’ strong data and analytics capabilities are combined with Habu’s cutting-edge data collaboration solution.

“We are excited to be working with Habu to provide our customers with interoperable data clean room solutions on top of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform”, “The native integration of our platforms will allow for seamless collaboration without moving or copying data through Delta Sharing, while ensuring that our customers are able to honor their commitment to user privacy.”

Jay Bhankharia, Sr. Director of Data Partnerships, Databricks

Organizations in a variety of sectors, including media and entertainment, travel, healthcare, financial services, retail, and consumer packaged goods, have found success using data clean rooms to enable the analysis of sensitive data while reducing the risk of data exposure and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. In order to safely integrate internal and external data sources, clean rooms need a system that also provides interoperability between clouds. Customers will be able to integrate data collaboration at scale, without use case restrictions, across clouds thanks to the connection between Habu and Databricks, without the need for all parties to require upfront and ongoing technical resources to create and maintain it.

“Habu continues to expand the breadth of partners across a broad ecosystem for data activation, measurement, identity, collaboration and insights for enterprises”, “This partnership continues our commitment to integrate seamlessly with existing tools and technology to accelerate business growth.

Matt Kilmartin, Co-founder and CEO, Habu

The integrated solution’s key capabilities include:

  • To enable our shared objective of providing interoperability across the data ecosystem, interoperability is the capacity to cooperate with partners across cloud environments without lock-in.
  • Easy, easy-to-use method for collaborators to set up a “clean room” and begin working together on data sets using an intuitive user interface (UI).
  • No Data Replication – Via our integration with Delta Sharing, Habu’s clean room intelligence apps may be used from wherever your data is located without ever needing to copy data from Databricks.
  • Maximum Privacy & Governance – Work with your partners to develop and implement the level of privacy restrictions while upholding data security and governance.
  • Flexible Usability — No-code and low-code capabilities enable a wide range of use cases that benefit teams working in both business and data research.
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