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Hanshow Partners with Intel and Microsoft to Accelerate Industry Sector Innovation

A white paper titled “How Hanshow Collaborates with Intel and Microsoft to Accelerate Retail Innovation smart” was jointly written by Hanshow, Intel, and Microsoft and formally issued in September 2022. The best practises for retailing with AI are outlined, along with changes to the global retail sector. The white paper also demonstrates how smart retail technology in the age of AI works for international retailers and describes future development and trends by looking at Hanshow’s partners in China, Japan, and Europe. AI technology being used in the retail sector.

Innovation in AI technology enhances consumer experience and commerce.

The worldwide retail market is changing as a result of digitalization. Retailers are increasingly turning to cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to save operational costs, boost productivity, and provide better shopping experiences. special purchases for clients. In order to grow their business, boost revenue, better understand customer preferences, and streamline in-store operations, more and more retailers are turning to AI technology.

Hanshow will collaborate with renowned international businesses like Intel and Microsoft to continuously explore the evolution of retail with AI, harness the value of data, provide more retailers with better products and solutions, and assist in transforming the global retail market, according to Liangyan Li, SVP, Global Sales Manager at Hanshow.

Hanshow Launches AI Retail Program with Intel, Microsoft

Hanshow launched AI solutions for the retail sector alongside Intel and Microsoft, focused on smart shelf management and loss prevention at self-service checkouts. Retailers can estimate the number of displayed and out-of-stock products with over 95% accuracy thanks to the deployment of technology like cameras and AI robots, which collect data through inventory inspection and product recognition. In addition, the system’s peripheral devices address the issue of protecting sensitive data, gather and then provide the pertinent data for additional processing, assisting businesses in spotting trends and making judgments.

Long-term advantages of AI technologies for the retail sector

The retail industry’s use of AI has been facilitated by the alliance of Hanshow, Intel, and Microsoft. Particularly in the post-pandemic period, retailers have benefited from the digital transformation of the retail sector by being able to provide customers a distinctive and personalised offline service experience in an effort to win back their loyalty and boost business growth.

“ With digital technologies such as AI, virtualization, IoT and edge computing, the upgrading personalized customer experiences and innovation-driven retail redesign, the industry is experiencing many changes.”

Guo Wei, General Manager of NEX Sales Team and Channel DCAI, PRC Sales Organization, Intel

” AI and IoT are transforming business models by helping companies move from simply manufacturing products and services to companies that provide their customers with the desired results and a flawless experience.”

Rashmi Misra, General Manager of Microsoft AI and Emerging Technologies

” With the extensive application of AI, retail can become intelligent, delivering operational excellence, better procurement and stronger business intelligence.”

Raj Raguneethan, Regional Sales Manager Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft Asia

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