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Informatica Launches the Industry’s Only Free, AI-powered Solution for Data Practitioners


Data may be loaded, transformed, and integrated in minutes with the help of Informatica Cloud Data Integration-Free and PayGo.

The leader in enterprise cloud data management, Informatica, today introduced Informatica Cloud Data Integration-Free and PayGo, the market’s only free cloud data loading, integration, and ETL/ELT service. The new service targets non-technical users in marketing, sales, and revenue operations teams who need to quickly develop data pipelines. It offers operations teams, for instance, a quick, cost-free, and painless solution to load, integrate, and analyse high-quality campaign, pipeline, forecast, and revenue data. Also, the enhanced productivity and quick development are advantageous to data analysts and data engineers.

The debut of Informatica Data Loader in May 2022 marked the start of a sequence of releases that includes this one. The only free data loading and integration solutions in the market are Informatica Data Loader, Cloud Data Integration-Free (CDI-Free), and PayGo (CDI-PayGo). For all of your data-driven use cases, they are natively built in to offer intelligent cloud data management services. All of the main data warehouse/lake systems, including Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks Delta Lake, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake, are supported by Informatica CDI-Free, CDI-PayGo, and Data Loader.

“We are redefining the data integration market by making it free, easy to use and accessible to everyone. Organizations face the challenge of ingesting huge volumes of data from disparate sources and then making sense of that information. There is a clear need for no setup and no code SaaS data integration tools that are free and pay-as-you-go to quickly get started serving both business-focused data engineers and non-technical business users and analysts”, “By giving business and non-technical users access to simple, cost-optimized data integration solutions, organizations can bring the power of data to the masses.”

Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer, Informatica

Giving users in technical and business roles across the enterprise self-service data integration is the secret to a fully data-driven organisation. Only that is offered by PayGo and Informatica CDI-Free.

  • Users of the free CDI-Free service can process up to 20 million rows for ELT or ten processing hours for ETL each month, whichever comes first.
  • CDI-PayGo: All the features of CDI-Free with no restrictions on the number of rows processed or use hours. Essential customer support and SOC2 compliance are included with CDI-PayGo. In addition, consumers only use their credit cards to pay for what they really use.

These AI-powered data integration services are simple to set up and use for users, necessitating no coding or DevOps. Also, each of Informatica’s ecosystem partners, including Amazon Web Services, Databricks, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Snowflake, may simply use the cloud data loading and integration ETL/ELT services.

“The ability to harness the power of data is a valuable competitive advantage. Having the right data integration platform enables a data foundation that drives agility, insights, and innovation for superior business results. The new Cloud Data Integration (CDI)-Free and PayGo products lower the barriers to get started with data integration. These new products will open the door for more data professionals, including tech-savvy business users, to leverage best-in-class data integration tools from Informatica.”

Chris Eldredge, Vice President of Data Office, Paycor

“Cloud Data Integration (CDI)-Free and PayGo are launchpads that will improve and serve those entering the data integration domain. The tools are intuitive to use and easy to navigate. CDI-Free will empower tech-savvy business users to begin moving their data to the cloud without committing to software costs. Furthermore, the option to scale up to Informatica’s enterprise-grade cloud platform minimizes risks from the trial and adoption of these products.”

Matt Wienke, CEO, Infoverity

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