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Introducing Wix Studio, the Ultimate Web Creation Platform for Agencies and Freelancers


Wix Studio represents a significant advancement in web creation for agencies, providing a revolutionary platform that combines AI-powered features, cutting-edge design and development capabilities, and seamless workflows for multi-site management to assist agencies in creating projects with greater quality and velocity. Ltd., a leading global SaaS platform for creating, managing, and growing an online presence, announced today the launch of Wix Studio, the ultimate web creation and development experience, upgrading the platform for agencies and freelancers. Wix Studio combines Wix’s established capabilities with the most recent AI technology to create a cutting-edge solution for the production of complex websites at scale. The platform’s increased versatility includes a newly designed development and creation editor with code capabilities, multi-site management workspaces, and access to new monetization alternatives, all of which contribute to increased efficiency.

“We have devoted the past several years to our professional audience by working closely with our agency partners, deeply understanding their workflows, and evolving our products accordingly. Now, we are introducing a completely new platform for them to build quality websites, manage all of their clients and so much more”, “We believe that with Wix Studio we will be able to continue generating significant growth in our Partners segment. Combining our web development expertise and the power of AI to assist with complex web design projects, we’re continuing our path to trailblaze the web creation industry.”

Avishai Abrahami, Co-Founder and CEO, Wix

Wix Studio now includes the freshly released AI-powered web building tools from Wix, along with new responsive and code AI features. These technologies greatly increase productivity by streamlining difficult web design and content processes.

Wix Studio’s salient features include:

advanced design skills with an emphasis on efficiency

  • Complete creative control: With a simple canvas interface, designers can concentrate on the design intent while all elements automatically adjust to fit any screen size. Additionally, they can design layouts from the most basic to the most intricate, which may be altered at any breakpoint as elements adapt.
  • With the use of AI technology, users can create fully responsive layouts for their designs that are automatically adjusted to match all screen sizes with the push of a button.
  • AI text and images: Produce text and photos of the highest quality quickly.
  • Interactions, animations, and design expressions without coding: Designers may incorporate complex animations into their website without writing code and produce a dynamic and visually appealing experience. Scroll, loop, and entrance animations, click and hover interactions, a configurable cursor, text mask, and other features are among the capabilities.
  • Custom CSS: The Wix Studio editor makes custom CSS simple. To build new designs, animations, and interactions, just copy and paste an element into the editor.
  • Easy to learn: Enables agencies and independent contractors to build high-end websites at scale with a frictionless user experience.
  • Collaboration and concurrent workflows: Teams, designers, developers, and marketers may work at the same time, and stakeholders can easily offer recommendations, give input, or approve designs.
Dedicated work areas for effective client management
  • a single dashboard to manage all clients and projects: One powerful dashboard with a whole new process to manage clients, projects, and different teams is also available on the mobile Wix Studio app.
  • Scalable team management: Enable teams to productively work on a variety of projects at once by developing and reusing apps and templates for every project. Keep track of and manage the history of the team’s support tickets to hasten issue resolution and keep up of beta versions and new product releases.
  • The customer’s experience A seamless experience for collaboration is provided by the customized client-facing dashboard and editor. Clients may obtain and maintain their websites on their own, as needed, thanks to quick edit features and a comprehensive, adaptable resource bundle. Customers can get up-to-date analytics reports with vital site data and performance.
the ability to satisfy any client needs
  • Whenever a project has a more open platform, say “yes” to it. Customize websites using Wix Blocks, UI slots, and custom CSS, and use Wix Headless to support any tech stack and device. Hundreds of APIs and SPIs can be used to expand and replace Wix’s business logic capabilities and flows. Utilize data extensions to enhance built-in entities and gather and save personalized data. Using automation rules based on a large and deep library of triggers and actions, create sophisticated processes.
  • a strong programming environment Work in a professional setting by adding frontend and backend code to a website utilizing the Wix online VS Code-based IDE and easily integrating with Wix-created or third-party APIs. By linking their website to GitHub, developers can also choose to work using their choice IDE.
  • Create, save, reuse, and deploy highly customized applications and widgets across hundreds of sites using Wix Blocks, which experts can sell. Additionally, by having the opportunity to sell apps through the Wix App Market, businesses may take advantage of more lucrative monetization opportunities.
  • AI code assistant: With an AI-powered code assistant, developers may produce complex websites and web applications more quickly and with less error-prone code.

“We understand the complex nature of agencies that are often working on hundreds of projects and collaborating across multiple teams”, “Wix Studio combines the intuitiveness of the Wix Editor with cutting-edge capabilities, alongside robust integration opportunities, and advanced business solutions, to redefine how agencies build and manage websites. We’re excited for this creative, flexible and efficient platform to be in the hands of agencies and freelancers, supporting them to deliver brilliance.”

Gali Erez, Head of Product, Wix Studio

“The invaluable insights and knowledge we’ve learned working with Wix Partners over the years have been crucial to shaping the Wix platform, and today, Wix Studio is the ultimate creation and management experience for our Partners”, “We’re thrilled to roll out this powerful platform that addresses all of their needs from building complex projects to managing their relationships with clients all in one place.”

Michal Bignitz, VP, Wix Partners

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