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Jasper Announces New Chat Interface for Its AI Platform


Jasper Announces New Chat Interface for Its AI Platform

Jasper provides its users with enhanced chat functionality to make content creation even more effective.

A new means to interact with its AI was introduced by the artificial intelligence (AI) content platform Jasper, called Jasper Chat. Although generative AI is a cutting-edge technology, there may still be a learning curve in creating the optimal suggestions. By making it simple to communicate with Jasper in the same way you would with a human assistant, Jasper Chat significantly reduces the learning curve associated with generative AI technologies.

Users can ask for a range of tasks using natural language in Jasper Chat. These might be things like “Writing a blog post about…”, “Creating ad variations for…”, or even changing some wording to reflect a more informal tone. In order to improve final results, this user-friendly interface also encourages continued chat system participation after outputs have been supplied.

“We’re living through a time where generative AI is widely available, but not easily accessible to complete mission critical tasks”, “With Jasper Chat, we’ve harnessed the power of language learning models and made the interface feel as natural as possible for business users. Jasper Chat is more of a new way to interact with existing AI than a new technology itself, but it has the potential to make generative AI even more widely adopted than it already is.”

Dave Rogenmoser, CEO of Jasper

Jasper Chat is designed and optimised for corporate use cases, such as marketing and sales departments, further accelerating and simplifying writing. Users can also give findings a positive or negative vote, which helps Jasper develop through time. Whether you’re creating a marketing campaign or sales pitch email, these new capabilities make sure content is constantly original and fresh. Everyone who has paid for a Boss Mode or Business plan subscription has access to this chat-style interface.

In terms of expanding content, empowering teams, fostering innovation, and many other areas, generative AI is proving to be a game-changing technology. On February 14th, 2023, Jasper will be attending Gen AI, the industry’s inaugural user conference, to take part in discussions on the future of generative AI.

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