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Kyndryl Targets $47B Managed Security Services Market with End-to-End Security Capabilities

End-to-End Security

Modular and adaptable services speedy detection, reaction, and recovery from cyberattacks

The largest provider of IT infrastructure services in the world, Kyndryl, said that it has greatly increased the services it provides to help business customers swiftly identify, successfully counter, and recover from cyberattacks.

The Company’s more than $2 billion (annual revenue) Security & Resiliency practice will be able to increase its footprint in the $47 billion (estimated for 2025) worldwide market for managed cybersecurity services thanks to Kyndryl’s new end-to-end security operations capabilities and services.

Increasingly frequent cyberattacks on conventional security operations harm customers’ reputations, have an adverse effect on their money, and frequently result in operational outages. In order to help customers modernize and strengthen their security operations, Kyndryl is acting quickly to create a differentiated set of services that offer flexibility and complementing capabilities from its expanding community of partners.

“The one-size fits all Security Operations Center no longer works. Today, too many organizations struggle with tools that are not configured, monitored, or connected to the systems that detect real alerts from false positives. Even with greater awareness of the need to reduce the number of tools and connect the ones that are needed, the continuing talent shortage hamstrings these well-intentioned efforts”, “CISOs and CIOs will appreciate the flexible approach that Kyndryl is offering with their expanding security operations services, while Chief Compliance Officers will appreciate their expanding global presence that helps to address the growing number of data sovereignty regulations.”

Craig Robinson, Research Vice President, IDC

With the help of Kyndryl’s modular Security Operations as a Platform, customers may strengthen their operations while keeping their current security technology and delivery investments. The platform has a centralized and unified management system. To assist clients in meeting compliance and data processing standards, the new services are offered through worldwide centers that validate the data processed in certain regions.

“We created an industry-leading portfolio of Kyndryl security services that are specifically built for the modern needs of cybersecurity teams by incorporating flexibility at the core”, “Traditional security operations centers and platforms typically are rigid – they often implement a one-size-fits-all approach and don’t adapt to the changing needs of the business. Our Security Operations as a platform centralize existing security investments, utilize hybrid teams, and continuously adapt for the changing threat landscape.”

Kris Lovejoy, Global Practice Leader for Security & Resiliency practice, Kyndryl

Additional Security Services

With thorough consultation, installation, and managed services that are centered on the fundamental elements of contemporary security operations, Kyndryl is prepared to meet customers where they are in their security journey. This comprises Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Vulnerability Management. Traditional security operations don’t provide for flexibility or the option for customers to choose services that are specific to their needs, but Kyndryl’s customers may pick and deploy new capabilities quickly in response to changing business needs.

The design and evolution of customers’ security operations journeys are facilitated by Kyndryl’s cyber resilience experts and Kyndryl Consult partners by evaluating the state of the current security operations environments, making recommendations for the ideal future state, and working together on an implementation and transition plan. Through its network of international Security Operations Centers, Kyndryl professionals will oversee customer infrastructures and keep an eye out for security disruptions in the environment.

Operations Centers for Security

With plans to open more centers in India and Japan by the end of the year, Kyndryl has already opened security operations centers in Italy, Canada, Hungary, and Spain. Customers can get support and security from the network of centers to handle online threats. Kyndryl offers a hybrid strategy that enables businesses to either fully outsource the end-to-end management of their security operations to Kyndryl or merge their current security teams with its cybersecurity professionals.

Operating Security as a Platform

Various and complicated IT environments and security toolkits are a problem for many firms; some of these manage more than 100 tools and technologies. Kyndryl’s vendor/partner agnostic security operations as a service platform creates a centralized and unified management system/platform that enables organizations to retain existing security investments while aiding them in enhancing their operations with new services, in contrast to traditional security operations that frequently force customers to choose from a set of tools. The platform makes use of native AI and Machine Learning (ML) security technology capabilities to identify the most recent threats and respond fast with an automated reaction.

The modular strategy supports Kyndryl Bridge, a “as-a-service” operating environment that includes a single market, an operational management console, and an AI and ML analytics engine. Kyndryl Bridge was created as a result of the Company’s decades of experience managing complex, mission-critical environments. By the conclusion of the current fiscal year (March 2024), Kyndryl Bridge will have all of the capabilities of Security Operations as a platform. Customers will improve the security visibility of their Kyndryl managed IT estate with this connection.

Integrated Cyber Resilience

The new security operations and response capabilities from Kyndryl are completely integrated into its Security & Resiliency portfolio, which is geared toward assisting clients in foreseeing, defending against, withstanding, and recovering from unfavorable circumstances, threats, or cyberattacks. The capabilities of the Company’s worldwide ecosystem of strategic partnerships and alliances, which includes the top cloud hyperscalers and numerous security and resiliency partners, are also utilized by Kyndryl’s integrated services and platform. IDC estimates that existing clients using Kyndryl’s Security and Resiliency Services might have a return on investment of 568 percent after five years.

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