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Level AI Introduces the Future of Customer Service with First-of-its-Kind Generative AI Solution, AgentGPT


AgentGPT gives agents a lifeline, allowing them to improve the client experience and address problems with ease.

Level AI, the pioneer in contact centre advanced conversation intelligence solutions, unveiled a revolutionary generative AI product. A client’s confidential customer conversational data was used to train AgentGPT, a secure, all-knowing generative AI system for customer support teams. By stepping in to address issues that the help section or other publicly accessible resources are unable to address, it enables agents to properly manage even the most complicated inquiries. Teams working on learning and development can also save a lot of time this way. In order to assist, onboard, and educate agents in the past, corporations had to maintain internal knowledge bases. These efforts are strengthened by AgentGPT, which offers a federated knowledge base and real-time answer generation.

The conversational intelligence product suite for the contact centre currently offered by Level AI is expanded upon by AgentGPT. As a result, it can produce knowledgeable answers by completely comprehending the subtleties of human language and client intent. In order to finally offer a higher degree of help to agents and consumers, AgentGPT also continuously improves based on agent input and self-learns on all enterprise information.

“The best way to describe AgentGPT is like a highly trained version of ChatGPT for enterprise customer service”, “We’ve all seen the excitement around ChatGPT and how it can help give users a leg up in their day-to-day tasks, but OpenAI or Google do not work for the enterprise customer. By contrast, Level AI can bring the power of this transformative technology to every enterprise customer to assist massively overloaded customer service teams at a time when experience is critical to long-term success – and ultimately revenue.”

Ashish Nagar, CEO and Founder, Level AI

Significantly, AgentGPT is not designed to replace people; rather, it improves human productivity and workers’ capacity for making wise decisions. AgentGPT goes far beyond FAQs and support pages to give agents the most accurate information it can in real time by utilising the entire enterprise’s expertise and data.

Level AI has created a queue for people to test out AgentGPT before it is made widely available, based on the success of the alpha release.

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