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LogRocket Launches “Galileo” Machine Learning-Based Solution to Automatically Surface Most Important Issues to Improve Digital Experience

LogRocket, makers of the best-in-class Digital Experience Analytics platform, today announced the release of Galileo, the only machine learning-based solution to automatically surface and prioritize the most impactful issues affecting digital user experience. During an early preview of LogRocket Galileo, customers including Copa Airlines and Cox Automotive were able to quickly uncover hidden issues that prevented seat purchases and prioritize issues and features that would best impact user experience respectively.

“We’ve been saying for a long time, our customers don’t need more data, they need more actionable insights from that data, Users’ expectations for near-perfect digital experiences have risen along with digital adoption. But creating and maintaining this standard of experience at scale is difficult. We built Galileo to help make it easier for organizations that rely on their digital products to consistently provide a great user experience.”


Matt Arbesfeld, LogRocket co-founder and CEO.

LogRocket Galileo Helps Copa Airlines New Booking Engine Take Flight

Copa Airlines, a leading South American airline and flag carrier of Panama, launched a new internet flight booking application to improve its checkout flow. When it underperformed expectations, they brought in LogRocket.

“The Internet booking engine is our most important application, and it’s essential that it is as issue free as possible, LogRocket Galileo surfaced a key issue that no other tool could find. Customers were unable to select a seat when booking flights in a specific date range, and it was causing them to drop out of the booking flow. LogRocket proactively surfaced both the issue and the root cause so that we could quickly remedy the problem, improve our conversion rate, and ensure that every customer has an optimal experience.”


Nelson Teng, Copa Airlines’s Digital Product Operations Manager.

Cox Automotive International Uses LogRocket to Deliver a Delicious Customer Interaction

Cox Automotive, owners of Manheim Auctions, AutoTrader, and Kelly Blue Book, was having troubles with user-reported issues. They needed more insight to determine the root cause, more data on the impact on the business, and better context to prioritize what was a priority to remediate and what could wait. To help with this, they brought in LogRocket.

“By hand-delivering the highest-impact issues and their causes, LogRocket Galileo allows us to make the most of limited time and resources, it gives us the confidence to know that we are fixing the issues that will lead to the greatest improvement in user experience and frees our teams up to spend more time designing and building features that our users will love.”


Chuck Konfrst, Director of User Experience at Cox Automotive’s Manheim Digital Marketplace.

Why Now for Galileo

Users expect a near-perfect digital product experience. Those who can’t deliver will lose customers to those who can. As a result, companies closely monitor KPIs like conversion rate, NPS, and activation to ensure good business outcomes.

Today, to ensure high-quality digital experiences, companies typically have:

  1. Engineers monitor errors, alerting tools, user-submitted tickets, and performance issues, looking for problems that may be affecting customers
  2. Product managers monitor customer feedback and analytics dashboards, looking for emergent problems in critical business metrics

With more data coming in every day, these systems become very noisy. Engineers routinely get hundreds of false-positive alerts, must manually ascertain what’s causing those problems, and have difficulty correlating if an issue has a significant and broad user impact. Product teams may see a drop in their conversion funnel, a dip in activation, or a hit to their NPS scores, but no obvious link as to the root cause. All of this causes vital issues to be missed for days or weeks, leading to millions in lost revenue or negative user sentiment.

Galileo cuts through this noise, helping the entire software team ensure great digital experiences by surfacing the biggest opportunities to improve business outcomes:

  1. Engineers are shown only the most impactful errors and issues, letting them address problems in real-time and prioritize the most important
  2. Product managers are alerted when business metrics drop and shown the root cause, whether it’s specific underperforming devices, user cohorts, or user experience issues

How LogRocket Galileo Works

Galileo helps you find the signal in the noise by utilizing machine learning-based algorithms trained on billions of real user sessions, comprised of nearly one trillion interactions, along with hundreds of thousands of manually triaged issues from years of real-world data. It delivers the digital experience insights you need, along with the context to quickly resolve the most important issues. Once implemented in your application, Galileo monitors hundreds of interactions per user session and flags easy-to-miss issues that have been determined to cause negative outcomes (e.g., cart abandonment, user frustration, etc…) in high-impact areas of your application. It also triages each issue for business impact: does it affect 0.01% of users or 10% of users; does it cause users to drop out of a purchase flow, or just a background glitch that users don’t notice; does it occur in a high-impact area of the site, like a conversion funnel, or a low-impact area, like a blog post?

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