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Lytics Supports Google Cloud’s Marketing Data & AI Cloud Launch with Customer 360

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Lytics announces support for Google Cloud’s Marketing Data & AI Cloud via its Customer 360 for BigQuery solution at Google Cloud Next.

“Supporting Google Cloud’s Marketing Data & AI Cloud launch signifies our commitment to first-party customer data”, “Our C360 for BigQuery solution symbolizes the convergence of data unification, actionable insights, and future-forward analytics.”

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President, Lytics

A thorough customer data infrastructure (CDI) tool is Lytics Customer 360 for BigQuery. Lytics has transformed how businesses view and use their customer data by linking first-party customer data sources via pre-configured connectors and utilizing generative AI, powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, for real-time data cleansing, mapping, and entity resolution.

Automated Identity and Profile Management Using AI/ML by Lytics

Lytics improves the field of identity management and profile enhancement by utilizing Vertex AI. It ensures uniformity in new profile IDs, streamlines context-based identification resolutions, and promotes effective data storage management by removing outdated information.

The following are some of the services provided by C360 for BigQuery – Powered by Lytics:
  • Easy integration of data sources using the C360 schema that is already set up.
  • Handling real-time data on an unparalleled scale.
  • Schema mapping powered by advanced vertex AI.
  • Strict adherence to data privacy laws, including GDPR.

Data Efficiency is Redefined by C360 for BigQuery

C360 for BigQuery is exceptional. This all-encompassing solution guarantees businesses generate value from data in Google Cloud BigQuery by automating C360 data pipelines, enhancing and augmenting customer profiles, and speeding up the entire process.

New Standards for Customer Profiles

With a combination of established schema, AI-driven schema co-pilot, and supplemented with Vertex AI-enriched profile fields given in real-time and portable forms, Lytics’ C360 profiles offer consent right out of the box.

Getting the Most Out of Data Investments with Lytics’ C360RI

Lytics offers firms a strategic vision in addition to technologies. Businesses can identify gaps in their C360 profiles and utilize a structured strategy to maximize the return on their data warehouse investments by using the C360 Readiness Index (C360RI).

Businesses can quickly discover gaps in their C360 profiles and create a plan to maximize their investment in a data warehouse by using the free C360RI from Lytics.

Viewers may learn more about the service by watching the product tours and explainer video on Lytics’ official website or directly on Google Cloud Marketplace.

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