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Marin Software Expands Offering with Two New Solutions for Performance Marketers


Connect and Ascend, two new services, assist performance marketers in increasing sales and democratizing data across digital advertising platforms.

As a top supplier of digital marketing solutions, Marin Software is pleased to announce the release of Connect and Ascend, two strong products. Performance marketers can now increase results using these new products’ unmatched insights and AI-powered capabilities across all performance marketing channels, including paid search, social, app advertising, and retail media. Connect transforms the ways in which marketers can access, examine, and share their data. Ascend provides a consistent method for allocating spending across channels for the best results.

Align, Understand, and Share All Your Performance Marketing Data with Marin Connect

A revolutionary platform for marketing analytics, Connect easily integrates performance marketing data from numerous sources. The platform enables marketers to access data where it is needed and to use advanced analytics to gain insightful information about the effectiveness of their campaigns by integrating fragmented publisher data with online and offline conversion data.

With Connect, users can:
  • Gather: Automatically remove discrepancies and inconsistencies from data collected from various sources, giving marketers access to accurate and dependable data.
  • Analyze: Access real-time performance data via user-friendly in-app dashboards, which provide a thorough overview of their marketing initiatives in addition to strong AI to hasten data-driven decision-making.
  • Share: To ensure seamless integration with current workflows, export insights to Excel or Google Sheets, a company’s data warehouse, or other business intelligence (BI) tools.

AI-Powered Optimization for Maximum Performance with Marin Ascend

Ascend delivers cutting-edge AI-powered tools that proactively analyze data to optimize campaign effectiveness across channels in order to help produce more sales and maximize the ROI on your marketing spend. These capabilities build on the integrated data from Connect.

Ascend consists of:
  • AI-Powered Forecasting: Use Ascend’s intelligent algorithms to estimate tradeoffs between volume and efficiency across channels and publishers and make informed decisions about investment levels to meet campaign objectives.
  • Budget and Target Management: Using real-time data, automatically manage and optimize campaign budgets and bidding targets. Marketers can increase sales while adhering to predetermined spending limits or efficiency goals.
  • Performance Maximization: Use AI-driven insights to continuously analyze and tweak campaign parameters in order to increase performance and get the most out of every marketing dollar spent.

A Complete Solution for Improved Marketing Techniques

“We remain laser-focused on solving the problems that performance marketers face as the ecosystem continues to fragment and diversify. With these problems in mind, we’re excited to bring Connect and Ascend to market to help put the power of intelligent data analysis and AI-driven optimization in their hands. Our goal is to provide our clients with a unified ecosystem that simplifies their workflows and supercharges their ability to achieve remarkable results.”

Chris Lien, CEO, Marin Software

With the launch of Connect and Ascend, Marin has demonstrated its dedication to providing marketers with cutting-edge tools that will help them succeed in the increasingly cutthroat world of the internet. Marketers can unleash the full potential of their marketing initiatives and increase performance by uniting fragmented data, offering insightful data, and utilizing AI-driven optimization.

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