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Mastering Cloud Complexity Remains a Challenge, Finds New EPAM Continuum Report


A delicate balance is required to deploy a huge number of moving pieces in a constantly evolving process in order to properly utilise the cloud and obtain the maximum return on investment.

Enterprise IT has undergone and is still undergoing a paradigm shift thanks to cloud computing. For organisations, mastering the cloud has become crucial, but what does it entail and how is it accomplished? The integrated business, technology, and experience consulting practise of EPAM Systems, Inc. called EPAM Continuum recently published a report titled “From Taming Cloud Complexity to Achieving Cloud Mastery” that provides answers to the most frequently asked questions and details how to achieve the ultimate objective of mastering cloud complexity.

“The roadmap to cloud is not complicated, but it is far more complex compared to traditional IT. We found that some approaches don’t lead to sustainable cloud transformation, which was one of the driving forces why we created this report”, “We expanded on the idea that it is possible to tame the complexity of the cloud and took it a step further and validated that by explaining how organizations can achieve a level of mastery within your cloud ecosystem. And by mastery, we don’t mean a final destination, but rather a constant journey.”

Miha Kralj, VP of Cloud Strategy, EPAM

More than 400 senior IT leaders from North America and the United Kingdom participated in the poll on which the study is based. These business leaders come from a variety of vertical industries, including financial services, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, and retail. They have substantial expertise utilising the cloud in their organisations.

Five Success Factors for Cloud Mastery:
  1. In charge of the strategy. The key to success in cloud computing is to take a planned, deliberate, and intentional approach. A Cloud Centre of Excellence serves as the cornerstone for comprehending, mastering, and obtaining parameters, rules, and safety nets surrounding an organization’s cloud environment, which is present in 96.75% of the surveyed organisations.
  2. Getting a handle on cloud costs. It can be difficult to navigate the new utility computing models on the cloud. Unexpected effects may arise if new financial processes are not implemented as needed. A cloud bill “unpleasantly” surprised 60% of the surveyed organisations.
  3. acquiring new abilities. New skills are need for effective cloud migration, development and deployment, cost management, security, and compliance. And there is a shortage of these abilities. Only 34% of the organisations polled think they possess the knowledge and abilities needed to conquer the cloud and change culture.
  4. Knowledgeable Partners. An organization’s adoption and mastery of the cloud can be accelerated by a seasoned, reliable partner; on the other hand, failing to take use of partners’ skills can cause serious business problems.
  5. Knowing how to handle change’s pace. Few technological developments have happened more quickly than the cloud. Only 18.6% of respondents who thought they were in control of the pace of change have integrated new technology into their ecosystem.

“For organizations to remain competitive, the cloud is a must”, “It’s not just cloud; it’s not just a migration; it’s not just lifting and shifting. It’s taking advantage of the technology opportunity the cloud provides to serve your business, drive business value, and gain competitive edge innovation.”

Miha Kralj, VP of Cloud Strategy, EPAM

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