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Meltwater Delivers the Future of Media, Social and Consumer Intelligence Through Its Industry-Leading AI Engine And ChatGPT Integration


Meltwater Delivers the Future of Media, Social and Consumer Intelligence Through Its Industry-Leading AI Engine And ChatGPT Integration :

With the integration of OpenAI models and cutting-edge algorithms, Meltwater builds on 20 years of strong AI skills to give insights and move away from the effort and guesswork required to make sense of billions of pieces of internet data.

A pioneer in media, social, and consumer intelligence, Meltwater has unveiled new AI-powered product advancements across a number of solutions that enable users to surface insights, increase productivity, and produce content.

Meltwater’s AI engine has improved new products in the following ways:
  • AI Writing Assistant: Using the most recent developments in generative AI, this tool helps users work more effectively and get beyond writer’s block. This user-friendly application, which is powered by OpenAI’s GPT model, increases efficiency and creativity while giving users a simple way to create material that is incredibly engaging and effortlessly integrated into their publishing workflow.
  • Utilising cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, the Discovery AI-Based Insight Assistant automatically surfaces useful consumer and market information. The assistant helps teams remain ahead of the curve and make knowledgeable business decisions by emphasising changes, shifts, and trends in online dialogues that they might have otherwise missed. This reduces information overload by providing automated, useful insights.
  • Video analysis enables viewers to gain insights from video footage on social media platforms by using sophisticated computer vision to recognise brands, famous people, places, and things. This enables users to have a more thorough understanding of their online brand and deal with anything from content ideation to crisis management.

With nearly 20 years of investment and the largest, richest, and most global dataset in the business, Meltwater’s AI engine powers these advancements. Customers of Meltwater are already saving time thanks to these AI improvements, gaining from improved workflows, and appreciating the high value of these new tools:

The Discovery Insight Assistant is a fascinating feature, both for its ability to identify relevant information and for its accuracy. It simplifies the task of analyzing and identifying drivers of conversations with completeness and relevance. The potential of Discovery is immense, and it’s a major asset for anyone involved in social data.

Jean-Baptiste Mac Luckie, Senior Market & Business Insights Manager, Lacoste

“Meltwater’s new Insight Assistant and Video Analysis capabilities have tremendous potential for agencies who are tasked with staying on top of multiple brands across a growing number of news and social channels. Our industry is always changing and evolving, and it’s a game-changer to be able to save time, have access to deeper, more accurate insights, and be alerted to key shifts in brand mentions – all powered by the latest innovations in AI.”

James Wright, Global CEO, Red Havas, and CEO, Havas Creative Network Australia

With more than 1.3 billion new documents being added every day, applying 14 billion AI inferences, and supporting more than 240 languages, Meltwater provides AI insights at scale. Additionally, Meltwater is in a strong position to assist customers in finding insights in the sea of external data due to its extensive experience with LLMs (long language models), the cornerstone of generative AI models.

“Meltwater has been investing in AI since day one, and these new generative AI enhancements will bring even more value to our customers. Harnessing the power of online data is no longer limited to teams with advanced technical skills. Our AI-powered tools bring the full value of media intelligence to organizations of all kinds by surfacing more relevant insights and generating content, ultimately saving time, streamlining workflows, and boosting productivity,”

Aditya Jami, CTO, Meltwater

The business will roll out more generative AI-powered improvements in the upcoming months that will benefit Meltwater customers in a variety of ways, from making complex Boolean search setup simpler to producing clear content summaries and automated tagging for news and social material. These improvements will significantly speed up user productivity, shorten the time it takes to get strategic insight, and remove creative roadblocks for Meltwater’s 27,000+ customers. They will also make searching and organising data much simpler.

On June 21–22, the Meltwater Summit will be held in New York; attend to learn more. In the Product Keynote at the Summit, Meltwater CEO John Box and CTO Aditya Jami will showcase exciting new releases that use AI to free up marketers and communication specialists to focus more on audience engagement and less on data management.

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