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Neurons Unveils New AI Feature that Predicts Brand Attention in One Click


forecast AI from Neurons delivers an automatic tool that allows advertisers, marketers, and designers to forecast brand performance on commercials before they go live.

Neurons, the world’s premier consumer neuroscience firm, has introduced an unrivaled Automatic Brand Tracking & AOI (Area of Interest) Detection function for their Predict predictive AI tool. Companies may use this new collection of tools to anticipate the brand performance of their commercials and observe how much attention brand assets, ad copy, CTAs, and faces receive when testing marketing assets.

Automatic AOI Detection detects brands, text, and faces in photos and tracks brand assets in films such as typefaces and logos. Predict computes the total Brand Attention score for each ad and provides a summary of how much attention brand elements receive during the video.

The new version provides fast ratings to advertisers, marketers, and designers, allowing them to better evaluate brand success and make creative decisions that fit with campaign goals. Advertisers planning a new product launch, for example, can modify their video commercials for optimum brand effect, ensuring that the brand emblem, product, and important messages are optimally placed. Brand managers that are concerned about keeping a consistent visual identity across campaigns can utilize AOI Detection to guarantee that logos and other distinctive brand features are prominent. Furthermore, marketers that are preparing a display ad for a forthcoming sale can fine-tune the positioning and style of their CTAs in order to catch more attention and achieve higher click-through rates.

In a world where generative AI is paving the way for vast outputs, Predict enables businesses to test creative variations on a wide scale while reducing the amount of manual work, time, and money required to swiftly find the best-performing ones. Predict, which is based on one of the world’s largest eye-tracking databases, assists businesses in testing and optimizing ad performance before it goes live.

The AI develops behavioral measurements based on neuroscience and provides firms with insights into how customers respond to their marketing assets with 95% accuracy and quick results. Neurons’ Predict is the industry’s only technology that provides forecasts in seconds, offering both overall and frame-by-frame Brand Attention scores for videos and six separate behavioral scores for image assets.

“Predict continues to set the bar higher in the industry with this feature”, “It’s not just about speed and efficiency, but about empowering our customers with high-quality data that drives creative decisions. With Predict, brands can make the shift from intuition to insight and get hands-on proof of brand performance before spending a dime on live ads.”

Mike Storm, COO and partner, Neurons

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