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Civix Partners with Zwipe to bring Next Generation Biometric Access Cards to Airports

Next Generation Biometric Access Cards
Next Generation Biometric Access Cards :

A biometric smart card for access control is being added to Civix’s Aviation Secure Credentials (ASC) range of products through a partnership with Zwipe. At points of entry, the ASC Access Cards use integrated fingerprint sensors to verify the identity of cardholders. The cards can be used by airports to enable two-factor authentication without updating the current technology because they are entirely compatible with conventional NFC card readers. In addition, the solution is contactless, which is preferred for high-traffic areas like airports according to COVID-19.

“We’re excited to continue expanding on our end-to-end suite of security solutions for airport secure credentials with the addition of ASC Access cards,” “The icing on the cake is that ASC Access cards work with existing hardware, meaning airports save costs and avoid holdups associated with complicated implementation and supply chain delays.”

Tim Walsh, President of Civix Airports, a trusted partner to the FAA, state aeronautics departments, and over 100 airports worldwide.

Each user of an ASC Access card receives a card with their individual fingerprint data stored on a secure chip. The card matches the cardholder’s fingerprint to the fingerprint information recorded on the card when it is positioned close to a reader. The card generates an access code and instructs the control infrastructure to authorise access if they match.

“Basically, the person assigned to the card must be holding it in order to get access. It’s a simple way for airports to improve security,” Walsh explained. The authentication process is self-contained within the card, so biometric data is not transmitted and separate biometric reader hardware is not required.

“This is a heightened level of security that is incredibly fast, easy, and affordable to implement”, “Civix is a highly reputed system integrator and solution provider to the airport industry, and we are proud to include our biometric smart card technology to its suite of solutions improving airport security.”

Robert Puskaric, President & CEO of Zwipe.

Civix ASC Access cards can be used with any access control system or as a component of the company’s suite of ASC solutions, which also includes IDMS software, a self-service kiosk for badging, and the Aviation Channeling Data Management System, formerly known as Designated Aviation Channeling (DAC) services. These services allow for the quick, secure transfer of biographic and biometric data from aviation badging entities to the federal government.

“We know airports and the challenges they face, that’s why we’re especially proud to offer affordable solutions that eliminate friction throughout entire credentialing process, from self-service badging to automated background checks to access control,” said Walsh.

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