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OneTrust Enhances Data Discovery and Governance by Introducing AI-Powered Document Classification for Unstructured Data


Unstructured data can be properly categorised by organisations, and rules can be automatically applied and broken ones fixed.

OneTrust, the industry pioneer in trust intelligence, has introduced AI-driven document categorization to assist businesses more completely and reliably recognise and categorise unstructured material as well as automatically implement governance and protection measures.

“An organization’s data is what fuels innovation and gives them a competitive edge”, “Yet, data sprawl and lack of visibility into where sensitive data lives across the organization can quickly turn that data into an Achilles’ heel, risking the financial and reputational impacts of breach and increasingly important data misuse. Using AI to classify unstructured documents at scale, organizations can automatically apply the right policies to protect their data and become more data-driven, knowing data is being used responsibly across the business.”

Blake Brannon, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, OneTrust

The ability of OneTrust’s AI-driven document classification system:
  • OneTrust employs AI to fully analyse the context, phrases, and patterns included in an unstructured file in order to not only identify the terms and classifications in the file but also the type of file. Examples that are frequently used include financial statements, source code, resumes, and medical records.
  • automates data policies like data retention: A lot of document types are specifically targeted by retention requirements, like resumes and medical records. Organisations are better equipped to determine which retention regulations apply and automate corrective actions like deletion and redaction when documents are tagged based on the whole context, not just the terms contained therein.
This feature is one of many potent identification and categorization tools offered by OneTrust Data Discovery, including:
  • Within unstructured data, named entity recognition (NER) pinpoints precisely named entities like people, businesses, and locations.
  • Characters are extracted from images, including printed or handwritten text, by optical character recognition (OCR) AI models.
  • The risk of exposure due to a data leak or breach is decreased by security classifiers for API keys for AWS, Azure, and Google, as well as encryption keys and secrets, passwords, and usernames.
  • By tying classified personally identifiable information (PII) to relevant laws and regulations, such as CPRA, regulatory intelligence improves jurisdictional insights.

The path to responsible data use and governance for an organisation begins with automated, intelligent data discovery and classification. AI-driven categorization reduces manual involvement and improves accuracy by classifying data at scale, which saves time and effort. By automatically implementing retention and deletion policies to guarantee that only the essential and relevant data is maintained, organisations may minimise their data footprint and lower data risk and combat data sprawl.

The OneTrust Privacy and Data Governance Cloud, which includes OneTrust Data Discovery, provides a single platform for security, marketing, and privacy teams to find, manage, and activate the responsible use of data across an organisation.

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