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Opera Adds Free VPN to Opera for iOS, Becomes the First Browser to Bring Coverage to All Platforms


The award-winning online browser family’s developer, Opera, has announced the expansion of its free browser VPN service to Opera Browser for iOS. Early access is now accessible to certain customers, and the entire deployment will be finished in the upcoming weeks. With the implementation of this feature, Opera became the first web browser to provide a free built-in VPN for all popular operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Online privacy is getting harder and harder to maintain. Users may be susceptible to data gathering from websites and online services when they are browsing the internet, many of which are not necessarily explicit about how they retain and use this data. In the meanwhile, unprotected networks, like certain public Wi-Fi, are susceptible to attacks from criminals, who can compromise critical personal data like credit card numbers or web banking login credentials. As a result, VPNs are becoming a more and more important part of everyday life online. By protecting one’s identity and online activities, they enable users to browse the internet in private knowing that their personal data is safe from prying eyes.

Opera is now the only web browser provider to provide a built-in, free VPN on every platform with the arrival of its VPN service to iOS. Users merely need to toggle a button in the main menu to browse privately, as the Opera Browser ensures VPN communication is encrypted and IP address is private. Opera’s VPN service does not require a subscription, login, or other plugins.

“Opera has always been known for its unique feature set. We are proud to bring our free built-in VPN to all major platforms and to be the first browser company to do so. Our commitment to providing users with a secure browsing experience has led us to develop this feature over the years. We are excited to bring this vital tool to iOS users to ensure their online safety and privacy.”

Jorgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile, Opera

As a no-log service, the VPN ensures anonymity by not collecting any personal information from users, including information about their surfing patterns or originating network addresses. Users have immediate access to virtual destinations all around the world in a quick and safe manner.

Millions of users across the world like the award-winning Opera Browser for iOS. With a user experience that is unmatched, the browser’s interface has won numerous design accolades. Opera’s Fast Action Button, which is made to be used on the go, puts all of the navigational tools at the user’s fingertips. With My Flow, which enables smooth and safe file sharing between phones, tablets, and PCs, users may furthermore keep images, articles, recipes, travel inspiration, and links with them at all times. Users may manage their digital assets at all times thanks to the browser’s integration of a native Crypto Wallet.

The Opera Browser for iOS not only offers outstanding performance and security, but also convenience. For instance, it has an integrated ad blocker that speeds up page loading and protects users from intrusive ads, as well as Apple Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which prevents third-party tracking cookies and cookie conversation. Additionally, the browser is equipped with Opera’s Cryptojacking Protection, which protects users from having their device’s resources used for cryptocurrency mining. Now that the package is complete, consumers can browse the internet safely thanks to the free VPN service.

The free VPN service is still being rolled out, and Opera Browser for iOS is also getting two further updates at the same time. Users will be able to organise their online lives more effectively thanks to the Bookmarks function, which, when used with Speed Dial, guarantees quick access to the most crucial information. Additionally, the homepage of the browser now has a new Live Scores option for football lovers. Users may stay up to date on the action wherever in the world with the help of Live Scores, a scoreboard that shows the day’s matches whether they are upcoming, ongoing, or the final horn has already blown.

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