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Oxbotica and Google Cloud Unite to Accelerate Adoption of Autonomous Driving Solutions

  • Through the agreement, Oxbotica will be able to scale and deploy its cloud-based operating system for autonomous vehicles globally, realising its vision for autonomous driving.
  • With the aid of Google Cloud, Oxbotica will hasten the analysis and modelling of enormous volumes of data from various scenarios in its AI-powered metaverse.
  • The partnership may also increase the practical benefits of vehicle autonomy, with potential applications including autonomous public transportation to ease traffic in urban areas.

The British company Oxbotica, which creates software for autonomous vehicles, today announced a new strategic partnership with Google Cloud that would hasten the distribution of its autonomous software platform to clients all over the world.

The collaboration will bring together the market-leading autonomous vehicle software from Oxbotica and Google Cloud’s expertise in cloud infrastructure to produce scalable, secure, and dependable autonomous driving solutions for any company that includes transportation in its value chain. Last-mile logistics, light industrial, and public transportation are some of these businesses.

To build, test, evaluate, and verify its self-driving technology, Oxbotica wants to employ Google Cloud products, including computation, storage, networking, and industry-leading data and analytics tools like Vertex AI. In order to assure the safe use of autonomous mobility technology, it will also make use of Google Cloud’s tried-and-true cyber-security solutions.

In addition to working on the heart of its self-driving platform, Oxbotica will leverage Google Cloud to create digital twins for its MetaDriver metaverse, which uses AI to connect and manage both virtual and real fleets while sharing performance data in real time.

To help ensure the security of autonomous vehicles, Oxbotica’s MetaDriver automatically creates a sizable bank of virtual scenarios. In order for MetaDriver to use Oxbotica’s generative AI tools on the large bank of virtual scenarios, including unusual edge cases that are frequently financially, environmentally, or practically impossible to discover in conventional testing, Google Cloud will provide the data and machine learning tools. For instance, from a single data capture run, a user can produce a complete, 24-hour day-and-night cycle of sensor data, as well as seasonal and extreme weather conditions.

Oxbotica will be able to quickly analyse and process these big datasets to learn across various use cases by utilising the scalability of the cloud. This will shorten the time it takes to develop new insights and enable greater testing and experimentation, both of which will increase the technology’s safety.

“We are thrilled to partner with Google Cloud to accelerate bringing autonomous driving solutions to market globally. Google Cloud is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and using its cutting-edge technology and AI powered tools will strengthen our proposition for our customers,”

Gavin Jackson, CEO, Oxbotica

Oxbotica focuses on industrial use cases where the move to autonomy must be made immediately. Passenger shuttles operating round-the-clock on established routes in cities, where there is a driver scarcity but rising demand for services, are one example of how Oxbotica’s technology is being used in the real world. For instance, the UK’s bus networks are getting smaller as nearly one in ten of the driver roles remain unfilled.

Customers of Oxbotica will be able to grow easily and fast from a single prototype vehicle to entire fleets thanks to Google Cloud. Additionally, the partnership will allow Oxbotica to investigate the larger effects of autonomous vehicles on traffic, public transportation, and other factors.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) for autonomous driving will be made available by Oxbotica using the Google Cloud infrastructure, enabling its clients to develop new business lines (such as applications and other goods) and more simply manage their current data and services.

“The combination of Oxbotica’s leading technology and our reliable infrastructure and AI and data-enabled cloud platform has the potential to accelerate autonomous mobility in a variety of industrial use cases”, “From last mile logistics to public transportation, we look forward to working together to positively impact the lives of end users.”

Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud

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