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Phenom Unveils Phenom X+: Generative AI for Human Resources and 18 Intelligent Talent Experience Platform Innovations at IAMPHENOM


Experience+ (X+), a new platform-wide generative AI capability that boosts efficiencies by automating content creation, surfacing actionable intelligence, and eliminating time-consuming tasks for candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, HR and HRIS teams, was unveiled by Phenom during its IAMPHENOM Product Innovation Keynote. In order to further revolutionize the way talent acquisition and talent management teams find, cultivate, and retain talent, the business also introduced 18 platform intelligence and automation breakthroughs.

Presenting Phenom X+

How their organisations will enable people to transform their potential into the skills and abilities required for current and future markets is the most important issue human resources (HR) must solve. Every business is through a shift, and to provide amazing experiences, intelligence and automation are essential.

Phenom X+ uses an ensemble of AI models that includes a Foundation Model (any Natural Language Understanding [NLU], DeepLearning, or Large Language Model [LLM] such as GPT, Bard, or Cohere), Specialized Model, and Contextual Model to dynamically support an organization’s unique hiring, retention, and growth needs. Phenom X+ distinguishes itself by having the capacity to consider extra context, such as vertical, market, job zone (for example, frontline/hourly or knowledge worker), firm, team, and user data, resulting in an unmatched level of personalization, precision, and experience.

“The next decade will be dominated by intelligence, automation and experience”, “With Phenom X+ and our Intelligent Talent Experience platform innovations, HR teams and managers will reach unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency — all while enriching the experiences of candidates and employees.”

Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and co-founder, Phenom

For talent acquisition, Phenom X+ automatically:

Creates contextually appropriate job descriptions based on the demands of the role, previous ideal candidates, and present high-performing workers.

  • Auto-generates on-brand content and optimizes discoverability via search (SEO)
  • Offers a natural language search experience for candidates
  • Highlights best-fit external and internal candidates for any open role
  • Writes and personalizes emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages and campaigns to candidates
  • Schedules, reschedules, and cancels interviews using natural language
  • Develops individualized interview questions and guides
  • Publishes comprehensive interview feedback in real time for decision makers
  • Provides hiring teams with interview transcripts, candidate responses, summaries and actionable insights
  • Interprets notes and creates tasks to be completed
  • Analyzes Chatbot questions and generates appropriate responses
  • Scales multilingual experiences
  • Recommends optimizations to hiring workflows

For talent management, Phenom X+ automatically:

  • Provides performance insights across teams with next steps
  • Identifies succession planning opportunities for high-performing employees
  • Flags employee flight risks and provides prescriptive guidance
  • Detects skills gaps and surfaces upskilling and reskilling opportunities
  • Generates personalized emails and campaigns, as well as audience segments to foster development
  • Interprets and communicates organizational talent trends and ways to stay on pace

Talent Management and Talent Acquisition New Intelligence Announcements

IAMPHENOM’s Product Innovation Keynote made it clear that knowledge workers need insights to improve performance and workflow. Phenom provided new technology that enhances the hiring cycle for applicants, the internal stakeholder interview process, and the growth and retention objectives of talent management and managers in order to suitably fulfil the needs of the modern organization:

By giving transparency to hiring teams with recordings, transcriptions, and key takeaways to speed up the process and enhance decision-making, Interview Intelligence upends the conventional interviewing process. The analysis of interview sentiment, talk pace, talk-to-listen ratio, and voice energy might help recruiting teams make better decisions about interview training possibilities.

Candidate Hub serves as a central location where applicants may get information about their status in the recruiting process and get ready for further phases. It provides exposure to relevant employment, company information, hiring status, and prospective future career pathing options while taking context into account. Applicants have easy access to a digital interview coach that offers them a preparation checklist, as well as the ability to conveniently schedule and reschedule interviews.

Workforce intelligence gives talent management teams context and oversight over the talent in their organization, ensuring that it is hired, retained, and developed in the right way. Trends in hiring, attrition rates, retention risks, and top performers are shown on the main dashboard. Three crucial areas can be further broken down in terms of talent management:

  1. A dynamic role architecture that analyses abilities, competencies, and other settings to identify which people are qualified for future jobs and to launch efforts for upskilling and reskilling them
  2. Complete personnel profiles that detail tenure, performance, growth trajectory, fit for positions and advancements, and succession planning alternatives
  3. Skills intelligence, which provides visibility into endorsed skills, self-reported capabilities, open positions and roles that demand skills, and the learning opportunities, mentors, and gig projects available to address gaps. Skills intelligence helps identify where gaps and training needs exist. Employee Relationship Management (ERM) equips talent management and people managers with workforce intelligence so they may take appropriate action, such as starting an upskilling project to acquire new skills to improve one’s job performance or career progression.

Succession planning offers a way to plan for the future while facilitating growth, development, and movement within the business. It analyses eligibility and preparedness based on tenure, performance, abilities, competences, and other pertinent signals, and it identifies current employees who are fit for succession for particular roles. With the help of this function, it is simple to add new employees to a succession plan, assess which successors have been given particular positions, and move and advance individuals within the company.

People Manager surfaces an employee’s current sentiment, career advancement objectives, learning opportunities, recommendations for upskilling/reskilling, and overall talent retention effectiveness to give company executives the actionable knowledge they need to create high-performing teams. Also, it makes the process of supporting a direct report’s abilities simpler.

Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Announcements for New Automation

Phenom also unveiled new automation solutions for frontline and hourly workers that will enable them to support employee growth, lower barriers to hiring, connect candidates with positions more quickly, and lessen the time-consuming, manual chores that recruiters must perform.

Fantastic hiring, growth, and retention experiences are supported by a strong backend called Automation Engine. It offers the structure and elements needed to find, create, apply, and keep track of automation workflows in new or existing talent lifecycle processes (e.g., hiring, career development, and retention). It has workflow intelligence for ongoing monitoring, does a qualitative review of workflow effectiveness, and offers optimization suggestions. Process mining techniques can spot areas for further optimization, which can result in quicker hiring cycles and higher hiring volumes.

A quicker application, interview, and hiring process is made possible by Talent Companion’s always-on, omnichannel approach to engaging applicants. To remove any uncertainty, it offers instant solutions to queries, assists with interview preparation, and promptly shares reminders.

From the initial engagement to the final hire, High-Volume Hiring offers complete end-to-end automation of the employment process. It is especially made for sectors that need a quick and easy applicant onboarding process, such manufacturing, retail, transportation, and hospitality. High-Volume Hiring eliminates unnecessary operations that may clutter the volume hiring pipeline using AI-based workflows. By automating for high-volume and seasonal staffing surges, it also lessens the burden on recruiting teams so they can concentrate on longer knowledge worker hiring cycles.

High-Volume Requisition and Offer Management Hiring gives recruiting managers the freedom to independently raise requests and extend offers to prospects, hastening the process of making opportunities available to candidates while lowering reliance on other stakeholders and shortening the time to hire.

An employee’s experience, tenure, and behavior are gathered by Career Pathing for Frontline, which then identifies the next best-fit role for them within the company. Based on the particular position requirements within a company, growth trajectories can be customised.

Alumni Network re-engages former workers to improve and preserve gratifying long-term business ties. From a recruitment standpoint, the network can be used to inform former employees of new positions that may entice them to return to the organisation, supporting goals to rehire already trained talent and offering prospective career progression chances.

Announcements for New Platform Experiences

Additional platform improvements created by Phenom include: Design Studio, which offers high-fidelity career design to talent and brand marketers in a no-code framework; People Analytics, which uses data to support every hiring, growth, and retention decision; AI Control Center, which provides organisations with controls and configurations to fully utilise intelligence across the platform based on user preferences and requirements; and Connector Studio, which uses data to support every hiring, growth, and retention decision.

Enhanced Global Customer Care with New Exceptional Service Experience

Phenom introduced a new multi-tiered support model called Phenom Service Experience in order to better meet the changing needs of its clients. Phenom is speeding up problem resolution and raising customer happiness by integrating additional self-service options and a direct connection to support. Phenom Service Experience includes: Support Portal, Service Hub, Platform Status Page, Learning Academy, User Community, Global Office Hours, Premium Support Plans, and Managed Services Plans. It was designed to offer excellent service and spectacular moments.

Phenom helps recruiters become wildly productive, managers build stronger-performing teams, employees develop their skills and evolve, candidates find and select the right job more quickly, candidates, HR aligns employee development with business goals, and HRIS integrates existing HR tech easily to create a comprehensive infrastructure.

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