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Prophecy Launches Generative AI Platform, Powering AI Applications on Enterprise Data


Additionally, Prophecy introduces Prophecy Data Copilot, an AI helper that creates trustworthy data pipelines automatically and enhances data quality.

The low-code data transformation platform Prophecy has introduced two new product lines: Prophecy Data Copilot and Prophecy Generative AI Platform.

Organisations may easily fuel generative AI applications with privately held enterprise data thanks to the new Prophecy Generative AI Platform. The low-code data transformation technology, which is Prophecy’s flagship product, is used in this new offering.

Prophecy is also announcing the release of the Prophecy Data Copilot, an AI assistant that builds data pipelines on its own based on user input in natural language and enhances pipeline quality with more thorough testing.

“We are seeing tremendous results from building applications that combine enterprise data with off-the-shelf LLM models. Our belief is that for the vast majority of enterprise use cases, the era of hiring machine learning engineers who train proprietary models, or specialized LLMs is over”, “Now all you will need is a private knowledge warehouse that provides private context along with questions and the LLMs give very relevant answers. With Prophecy’s new platform release, a data or application engineer can build an application like a support-bot on private data in a week”.

Raj Bains, Co-Founder and CEO, Prophecy

Nearly all firms are eager to embrace and integrate generative AI technology into their current workflows as it enters the mainstream. However, as most current generative AI applications are trained on publicly available data, they are only marginally beneficial for addressing challenges that are exclusive to a given organisation. In order to democratise AI for both technical and non-technical teams, the Prophecy Generative AI Platform:

  • giving every user in every organisation access to generative AI’s power to leverage corporate data
  • accelerating the creation of generative AI applications for business data
  • utilising the full range of company data to support virtually infinite use cases.

“We see generative AI based copilots making low-code the default way to build applications and data pipelines in enterprises”, “We already see a 30-40% productivity boost from low-code adoption in our customer base, that coupled with another 30-40% from copilots will make starting with code financially untenable for the majority of enterprise use cases. The future of enterprise development is definitely copilot powered low-code, and we’re excited to see our customers get this boost as they adopt Prophecy Data Copilot.”

Maciej Szpakowski, Co-Founder, Prophecy

Prophecy Numerous data-related tasks are assisted and automated by Data Copilot. The Data Copilot
  • democratises the process of producing and distributing data goods. Data transformations serve as the foundation for data products. Users can use Copilot to specify transformations in plain language. These natural language cues are subsequently translated by Copilot into Prophecy visual components, transformation logic, and related code.
  • enhances the effectiveness and calibre of pipeline construction. In order to increase test coverage and boost data confidence, Copilot offers data testing. Copilot also makes recommendations for subsequent transformations, reducing errors when merging, filtering, and aggregating data.
  • halts the misuse of data. Copilot automatically creates dataset and data pipeline descriptions. This might, for instance, offer a description of how a column was calculated.

“Generative AI and LLMs have become mainstream practically overnight and the hype is warranted”, “However, today’s applications, such as ChatGPT, artificially constrain the usefulness to data that is available in the public domain. The next frontier is applying this power technology to privately-held, enterprise data, something I didn’t think would happen till years from now. These new solutions from Prophecy will enable teams to use their data to move the needle in significant ways.”

Sanjeev Mohan, Principal, SanjMo

Prophecy further democratises data transformation with the platform improvements and launch, increasing productivity and enabling non-technical users to access and utilise data in their regular processes.

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