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Qualtrics Announces General Availability of new AI-Powered Qualitative Research Tools That Provide Smarter, Faster Insights

  • Key insights and themes from hours of customer-submitted video are quickly provided by new Generative-AI powered Automated Summaries for Video Feedback.
  • New In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups solutions make it simple for insights experts to spot important trends, themes, and sentiment in customers’ and prospects’ input, helping to guide future strategy while significantly decreasing human labor in transcription and analysis.

The pioneer and innovator in the experience management (XM) field, Qualtrics, recently made its automated summaries for video feedback, in-depth interviews, and focus groups generally available. These new, specifically designed video feedback solutions make use of generative AI, real-time analytics, and predictive insights to assist businesses in conducting better, quicker research, increasing their market share, and responding to client needs more quickly. The video feedback tools automatically add insights to individual profiles in Qualtrics Experience iD (XiD), giving businesses a complete picture of how different consumers and prospect segments interact with their goods and services.

Inform Decisions with Data-Driven Stories

In-person interviews and focus groups are often moderated and analyzed by professionals for qualitative research, and the researchers painstakingly organize and interpret the data for weeks at a time. Since consumers of today are used to online video platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and even Zoom, moving qualitative research online and delivering summaries in seconds, rather than weeks, has become possible.

Qualtrics Qualitative Research is a state-of-the-art set of tools designed specifically to integrate qualitative research with digital platforms, allowing researchers new approaches to create stories with data that actually resonate with stakeholders. When compared to open-ended text responses, Qualtrics Video Feedback can capture six times as much content. It also offers a fuller understanding of feedback because it allows a researcher to see a user’s facial expressions and hear their voice.

Customers like DISH Network have utilized Qualtrics Video Feedback to provide customers with an alternative to straightforward surveys. This has allowed their teams to gather qualitative customer feedback in the form of video comments, which helps to bring customers’ thoughts and feelings to life.

Researchers can now instantly analyze hours of video submissions and generate key themes, top quotes, and insights using new Automated Summaries powered by Qualtrics XM/os2, cutting down on the time they spend manually summarizing related video responses while producing instant summaries that can be shared and understood throughout the organization. Researchers may make sure each summary is factual and pertinent by using verbatim quotes that relate to each theme in these unbiased summaries.

By influencing judgments about policy or product design, the insights derived from video feedback assist firms in making well-informed decisions about their future business strategy.

Deeply comprehend the thoughts and feelings of your customers

Focus groups are an effective way for companies and organizations to learn more about a specific audience and to elicit their opinions and insights. However, they often include in-person participation, manual transcribing, and analysis, all of which are labor-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming processes.

Researchers can upload and transcribe several longform films of people or focus groups using Qualtrics In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups, and Qualtrics AI will quickly identify the most crucial keywords, subjects, and sentiment.

Multi-speaker identification is a feature of in-depth interviews and focus groups that helps researchers identify individual speakers in the transcripts and summarize comments from several speakers.

With the help of the Qualtrics platform, researchers can combine, share, and collaborate using insights from these longform videos as well as other qualitative and quantitative research and data. This makes it even simpler to identify market trends, monitor shifting societal norms, and use research insights to make strategic decisions and investments.

“Collecting customer feedback and product insights is essential in the rapidly changing digital landscape. It helps businesses stay competitive, spot trends, and seize market opportunities”, “Qualtrics’ AI-powered Qualitative Research solutions and Experience iD consolidate quantitative and qualitative research with powerful analytics, enabling organizations to make informed decisions on future product, policy, and design choices that increase customer satisfaction and revenue.”

Brad Anderson, President of Product, User Experience and Engineering, Qualtrics

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