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Retailers Embrace AI Transition To The Cloud With SymphonyAI And Oracle


The Truth Checker AI trains itself autonomously for one task—truth checking—using a separate, cutting-edge Large Language Model (LLM) based AI system and a target domain of information (such as a sizable knowledge base or a collection of articles). With the same content, ChatGPT or an underlying LLM like a GPT-3.5 model can be used to respond to queries in a contextual, multi-turn chat dialogue. Before being displayed to the user, each response is examined for veracity. When an erroneous response is found, the user is not shown the response. Instead, a link to pertinent publications that include the solution is offered.

The SymphonyAI Retail CPG sector provides full AI-powered supply chain, marketing, and merchandising solutions to retailers and CPG producers. OCI now provide GPU-accelerated compute services to SymphonyAI customers as a result of Oracle’s cooperation with NVIDIA. This enables customers to swiftly train AI models to forecast consumer patterns and make sure that each store has the correct number of products on the shelves. In addition to helping to ensure a consistent level of service, OCI Application Performance Monitoring enables development teams to quickly identify issues and offers extensive visibility into the performance of applications.

“SymphonyAI and Oracle are heavyweights, and they have very best-of-breed solutions together”, “There’s a lot of value there, including not having to plan on-premises solutions and staff up with technical specialists. We can both replace legacy systems and create new systems to help deliver a more efficient, scalable way to run our growing business without adding overhead to support additional stores. It’s been amazing how simple it’s been to implement this very complex solution.”

Jeff Main, CIO of Festival Food

“SymphonyAI solutions combine in-depth business use case understanding with AI capabilities to drive real results”, “Our enterprise AI solutions are tailored to meet the needs of retailers and CPG manufacturers. Collaborating with Oracle allows us to help our customers tap the power of cloud flexibility and cost efficiencies for real-time insights and recommendations.”

Kumar Abhimanyu, SVP of strategic partnerships at SymphonyAI

“Following the global trends in retail and the need for personalization and scale, SymphonyAI is using cloud technology to help customers understand right now what is happening in each channel, spot opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition”, “Oracle helps ensure availability, manageability, and performance, enabling SymphonyAI to offer best-in-class standards that are crucial in their industries to deliver to innovation-focused customers.”

Abiy Yeshitla, vice president, Oracle EMEA Cloud and Technology

“Retailers and CPGs continue to face the pressures of supply chain delays, increased customer demands, and forecasting uncertainties, all while working to enhance their operations and find new ways to overcome these hurdles”, “This collaboration with Oracle provides customers with a reliable, secure solution that can scale with their fluctuating needs. Combined with the industry-specific AI-driven insights and recommendations that we provide, customers are equipped with all the resources they need to remain competitive and forward-looking.”

Manish Choudhary, SymphonyAI Retail CPG president and CEO

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