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Sendbird Launches SmartAssistant, the First No-Code Generative AI Chatbot for Web and Mobile Apps


AI solution for improving customer service, marketing, and business operations

The debut of Sendbird’s SmartAssistant, a groundbreaking conversational AI solution for marketing, commerce, and customer support, was announced. Sendbird powers over 300 million monthly active users across 4000 apps. SmartAssistant is an extremely adaptable AI chatbot for apps that offers thorough answers to customer inquiries. Sendbird’s SmartAssistant guarantees helpful and human-like responses throughout the customer journey, whether it is responding to frequently asked inquiries, providing individualized product recommendations, or addressing order concerns.

The Sendbird Chat UIKit makes it surprisingly simple and quick to develop chat apps with AI. And now that SmartAssistants can be deployed from the Sendbird dashboard without the need for any coding knowledge, any developer can quickly construct a SmartAssistant proof-of-concept. All developers that incorporate conversations in mobile and online applications may meet their needs thanks to the Sendbird UIKits, which are available for iOS, Android, React, and React Native.

“Organizations are defined by their customer experience, but many are lacking the teams and the tools to differentiate themselves”, “Our SmartAssistant puts the power of generative AI to work, with savvy prompts and guard bands, so that it can become an extension of the team. This allows companies to take service to the next level and provide even higher quality experiences.”

John S. Kim, CEO and Co-founder, Sendbird

Say hello to your new, most productive smart assistant.

With the use of private data that is supplied to the Large Language Model (LLM), Sendbird’s new SmartAssistant distinguishes itself from competitors by fusing the proficiency of cutting-edge language models with specialized expertise and business insights. This enables the AI assistant to retain a human-like connection so that users do not feel like they are speaking with a computer while providing highly relevant answers that are personalized to prospects’ and customers’ particular needs. A highly customized experience that promotes a strong sense of connection is the end result.

The Sendbird platform now offers SmartAssistant, which adds value throughout the whole client journey. Sendbird conversational AI chatbots have already been implemented into thousands of apps across numerous sectors, including communities, healthcare, fintech, on-demand services, and e-commerce/marketplaces. As a result, they can instantly improve the experience of hundreds of millions of users. Sendbird currently powers 7 billion or more messages every month for 4,000 or more web and mobile apps.

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