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SmartSimple Software Launches SmartSimple Cloud +AI, Revolutionizing Corporate Giving Lifecycle Management with Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI)


The launch of SmartSimple Cloud +AI was announced today by SmartSimple Software, a top supplier of cloud-based solutions for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management. This innovative software streamlines the process and significantly lowers administrative overhead by introducing transformational, end-to-end AI help throughout the whole CSR and ESG program management lifecycle.

The first fully integrated AI product for CSR and ESG program administration is SmartSimple Cloud +AI. Workflows are thoroughly integrated with AI-powered text completion, a feature made popular by OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3. The product makes use of the robust architecture of SmartSimple Cloud to enable businesses with CSR and ESG programs to utilize AI throughout the full program management process in accordance with their unique needs.

Throughout the entire program management lifecycle, SmartSimple Cloud + AI supports staff members and organisations by responding to both human- and workflow-initiated enquiries. Users are able to communicate with AI through the SmartSimple Cloud user interface thanks to its seamless integration.

“We believe that the advent of the AIs will release a torrent of innovation such as the world has rarely seen”, “By integrating the AIs into our platform, SmartSimple Cloud, and integrating early, we will unleash this power to our clients in support of their missions.”

Mike Reid, SmartSimple Software Co-Founder and COO

As a new technology, there is still much to learn about the possible applications of SmartSimple Cloud + AI. Yet, a few advantages include the capacity to execute accurate and automatic text summarization, enabling large-scale tailored communication, and augment and enrich data in real-time.

We see clients using AI all the way through the lifecycle of a program. With the help of SmartSimple Cloud + AI, each process can be enhanced by AI in a way that is particular to each organization. As a result, workflows may be further customized to match the unique requirements of each CSR and ESG program, resulting in a more personalized experience for both administrators and employees.

Large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI and Google Bard are used to exploit sophisticated AI features in SmartSimple Cloud +AI, and it will enable additional AI services as they become available.

As of March 9th, SmartSimple Cloud +AI is now subscribe able through the SmartSimple Cloud Marketplace and is available for preview. The management of CSR and ESG programs is moving towards SmartSimple Cloud + AI, and it is now available. To see it in action and learn more, get in touch with us.

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