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ThoughtSpot Expands AI-Powered Analytics Platform to Empower Businesses to Deliver Modern Data Experiences


Users can now communicate in context, connect to and use new data sources and platforms, and experience data through generative AI, all of which are given through an intuitive user experience in ThoughtSpot or other third-party applications.

During their annual client conference Beyond 2023, ThoughtSpot, the AI-Powered Analytics firm, unveiled a number of new product capabilities to assist businesses around the world in delivering cutting-edge data experiences that improve business outcomes and drive impact. There are new ways to search data, connect to data sources and platforms, collaborate on analytics, and experience all of this power without ever login into a BI tool, among other new features.

This comprises:
  • ThoughtSpot Sage, a revolutionary search experience that blends fundamental language models and ThoughtSpot’s patented search technology, is currently available for private preview.
  • Integrations with popular office suites and productivity tools
  • features for liveboard collaboration
  • ThoughtSpot SaaS is available and is developed on Google Cloud Platform.
  • many fresh database connectors
  • The newest addition to the Data Workspace is New Data Modelling Studio.
  • Interactive data experiences will be delivered through new embedded Liveboard capabilities.

As KPIs change, proactive notifications from ThoughtSpot are sent to users’ mobile devices along with an explanation of the key causes and a change analysis, enabling them to make data-driven decisions whenever and wherever they are.

the contemporary data experience

In the history of computing, this is a pivotal time. The way computers and people communicate has been reimagined thanks to generative AI and fundamental language models, ushering in a new era for the data world. For the first time, users can engage with, query, and extract insights from their data with the same ease as they would when chatting with a friend or coworker. These insights go beyond the standard BI tool and are available to users at the precise time and place when they make decisions. To make sure that this ease of involvement doesn’t compromise the detail or accuracy required in an analytics setting, organisations now confront a new hurdle.

Since the company’s inception, its goal has been to use the power of search, artificial intelligence, and self-service analytics to create a society that is more fact-driven. The entire data experience has now been redesigned with the rise of new technologies like GPT, along with expanding alliances, new products, and new integrations.

Discover your data in new ways.

Today, we’re unveiling ThoughtSpot Sage, an AI-powered search platform that enables any users, irrespective of technical proficiency, to utilise fundamental language models in order to gain insights from their data using natural language search. The accuracy, governance, and dependability your organisation needs are delivered with the flexibility of natural language via our revolutionary dynamic search architecture combined with a foundational model. In private preview at the moment are the following:

  • Users can use natural speech to search their data using AI-powered search
  • Within seconds of conducting a search, users receive AI-generated insights alongside their data findings.
  • AI suggestions for searches AI will propose where to dig deeper and what questions to ask based on the data and insights provided.
  • Allow users to submit feedback by editing keyword tokens, teaching the machine learning system to understand and improve all upcoming inquiries. This is known as “human-in-the-loop” feedback.
  • Synonym generation for all data columns is automatically generated by AI and huge language models, assisting in data modelling and giving data professionals back time.

“At Goldcast, our objective has been to empower our business users to make more data-driven decisions in their day-to-day. ThoughtSpot Sage enables every Goldcast team member to find insights by asking natural language questions, all while providing a trustworthy and well-governed experience. This truly makes self-service analytics a reality in our organization.”

Kishore Kothandaraman, Co-Founder, Goldcast

Participate in innovative data collaboration

There are various improvements to ThoughtSpot Liveboards that support collaboration, efficiency, and data fluency in addition to ThoughtSpot Sage and the improved search experience. This comprises:

  • Note tiles and custom sizes that can be utilised to enhance branding, clarify difficult vocabulary, or give context to the data improve storytelling and interaction. Analysts may help business users comprehend and analyse their data more rapidly by using notes to supplement the data story.
  • Users can apply a filter from one tile to the rest of the Liveboard using cross-filters, assuring consistency in analysis and boosting user interaction and ad hoc exploration for all users.
  • Users can perform “what if” scenario analysis using parameters.
  • Users may offer feedback, discuss, exchange ideas, and develop actionable recommendations using the new in-app commenting system without ever leaving ThoughtSpot.
  • Authenticated Liveboards Certifications for Liveboards’ data quality will increase confidence and transparency.

Utilise new types of data

You must be able to apply the modern data experience to your data, regardless of where it resides or the type of data it is. In order to give our clients more flexibility and choice in how they design their stack and utilise ThoughtSpot as the experience layer, we are releasing additional platform capabilities and connections that enable users to access new types of data from new sources. Among the ecosystem’s expanding connections and linkages are:

  • When ThoughtSpot was introduced, it became the first independent analytics company to be developed on Google Cloud Platform. Customers have a choice in where their AI-Powered Analytics platform will be developed. In addition to benefiting from ThoughtSpot’s native GCP architecture, users can maximise the use of their Google Cloud data by purchasing ThoughtSpot using Google Credits on Google Marketplace.
  • Users may connect data with just a few clicks thanks to new live query database connectors for SQL Server, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, and Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL.

“Data has always been an intrinsic part of our business to deliver world-leading learning and engagement solutions for learners of all ages. By using the combination of ThoughtSpot and Google Cloud, we can deliver an entirely different analytics experience to our enterprise and education users, empowering them to engage with data directly.”

Jostein Håvaldsrud, CTO, Kahoot

Your way, model data

As businesses democratise their data, the importance of their data modelling strategy for producing precise, dependable analytics has never been greater. To assist their organisations implement the current data stack and get the most out of their investments, data analysts, analytics engineers, and data architects require contemporary tools.

The newest addition to the Data Workspace, ThoughtSpot’s new Data Modelling Studio, is a new visual model builder that makes it simple to create unique, trustworthy data experiences using the tools and languages your data teams already know and love. By uploading reusable TML models, users can extend the impact of their work across ThoughtSpot settings. They can also use SpotApps beginning templates to quickly set up new search environments and build custom data models from scratch. Other characteristics are:

  • Model builder experience: created with a simple drag-and-drop user interface and guided user interface, making modelling data for analytics as simple as using your preferred app. Users can build guardrails for search by dragging and dropping pertinent columns in your model, scale data literacy across the business by adding custom formulas, adjusting attributes, and configuring column properties. Users can inherit existing joins from their database or create new joins through a guided user interface.
  • New data catalogue integrations: By integrating established, rich contextual metadata from your data catalogue into ThoughtSpot, two-way integrations with Alation, Atlan, and Collibra, as well as ThoughtSpot integrations with Metaphor and Data.World, give a new way to view governed and trusted data. This metadata, which includes descriptions, certification status, and relevant insights, is displayed alongside ThoughtSpot Answers in new knowledge cards, giving your teams the context they need to establish trust in their data.
  • Dbt users can speed up workflows by connecting directly to models that have already been created in Dbt. The sync maintains dbt as your sole source of modelling truth by automatically transferring updates made to associated objects in ThoughtSpot.
  • With the help of Looker’s Semantic Model (powered by LookML) and Looker Modeller, customers of ThoughtSpot can model, transform, and define metrics in their data, giving them the assurance and trust they need to empower their teams at scale. Then, anyone can use ThoughtSpot to include business monitoring and anomaly detection, investigate and endlessly delve into this data using natural language search, and create interactive Liveboards that go well beyond static dashboards. Customers will be able to use the integration this summer.

Bring ThoughtSpot where the action is

Your business can only move as quickly as your decision-making process, regardless of your stack. Scaling your data-driven business strategy requires actionable insights that are effortlessly integrated into your current workflows. Today, ThoughtSpot released a number of new productivity suite applications that deliver AI-Powered Analytics to the places where you do your work.

  • Users may now post links from ThoughtSpot Liveboards into Slack and receive automatically generated rich visualisations as a result of the new Slack connection. The visualization’s home in ThoughtSpot is then accessible to users via Slack for additional investigation. Your team may decide whether they want to carry on a conversation in Slack or directly in your Liveboard using the new in-app commenting mechanism thanks to Liveboard previews in Slack. This integration, which is now under private preview, will be accessible in the second half of 2023.
  • A new interactive AI assistant for Slack: Your new AI helper, called “Spot,” will answer any question you ask on Slack in natural language and immediately bring up the explanation in your Slack thread. Spot supports Excel and CSV files and can be linked to cloud data services like Snowflake or Google BigQuery. ‘Spot’, which is currently under private preview, will be accessible in the second half of 2023.
  • ThoughtSpot Analytics for Excel: Provides a stripped-down version of ThoughtSpot that operates purely in the browser and makes use of the processing power of the laptop in front of you without requiring a ThoughtSpot login.
  • New integrations with Google Workspace: Three new applications embedded in Google Sheets and Google Slides, including ThoughtSpot Analytics Sheets and ThoughtSpot Connected Sheets available today, and integrations with Google Connected Slides, available in preview.

Provide interactive, customised data experiences

ThoughtSpot Everywhere gives product developers the ability to include the whole modern data experience straight into an app or product, sparking new ideas, speeding up the time to market, and gratifying customers. Delivering a contemporary data experience that feels like your business to any of your customers is now simpler than ever thanks to new ThoughtSpot Everywhere capabilities, regardless of whether you want to build an app to tackle a specific internal use case, increase the stickiness of an existing product, or create a new revenue stream. These consist of:

  • A whole new Liveboard experience will give your users access to Liveboard Tabs, custom-sized tiles, and new Filter and Answer Explore options, increasing interaction with and control over your information.
  • A fresh styling framework that offers sophisticated CSS capabilities to make your app’s design language come to life.
  • Support for open-source version control tools like Git, which makes it quick and simple for developers to keep track of changes, manage versions, and move ThoughtSpot content across deployments.

“ThoughtSpot has stepped up significantly on embedding capabilities through its ThoughtSpot Everywhere initiative, adding low-code development and automated deployment options to its Visual Embed SDK, JavaScript library, and REST API endpoints”, “These advances coupled with its Action Framework for business processes and no-code ThoughtSpot Sync options for pushing data to external apps helped to put ThoughtSpot on our 2023 Embedded Analytics ShortList™.”

Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Thoughts from the Top

“We’re on the precipic a world where we no longer have to dumb ourselves down for machines. For the first time, machines are set to listen and partner with humanity on our terms and through our preferred user interface, natural language. Modern businesses want to run on reason built on data and logic, however, the language barrier between people and machines has meant making data insights and analytics accessible to everyone impossible. Foundational models change everything we’ve known to be true in the world of BI. Today, we bring continued innovation and partnership in helping companies embrace a new, modern data experience powered by responsible, ethical AI.”

Sudheesh Nair, CEO, ThoughtSpot

“For the first time, the data experience is no longer defined by a choice between nuance and natural, power and performance, intuitive and impactful. The modern data experience brings all of this together, for everyone. While consumer grade UX and natural language has always been at the core of our product strategy, today’s developments in AI paired with our patented search experience and backend architecture, signal a new stage for taking advantage of the power of AI for analytics”, “Each of the new enhancements in this launch embrace the future of AI-Powered Analytics and enables organizations of all sizes to experience, collaborate, model, and access data in new ways that are personalized to the user and boost productivity.”

Sumeet Arora, Chief Development Officer, ThoughtSpot

“With ThoughtSpot Sage, our engineers have brought the power of foundational language models together with our relational search engine to deliver a natural language search experience that automatically creates insights with verifiable accuracy and trust. Data discovery has never been so fast and easy. It’s truly bringing our vision of ‘Google for numbers’ to life.”

Amit Prakash, Co-founder and CTO, ThoughtSpot

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