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Unbabel Launches Next-Generation Language Operations Platform, Offering The First Holistic Approach to Multilingual Communication and Translation

Next-Generation Language

Enterprises will be able to choose the price, quality, and turnaround time for all translated content thanks to the platform’s unique control and visibility over machine translation workflows.

Unbabel, an AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform, today announced the launch of its new LangOps Platform. This platform is intended to offer a holistic approach to multilingual content and communication and give organizations transparency and control over every language-related aspect of their business. Customers of Unbabel will be able to adjust machine translation on their next-generation platform to match their unique communication and content goals, supported by insight into ROI performance, ultimately leading to faster translation and lower costs.

Business managers have been upset by the absence of scalable, user-friendly solutions and daunted by the industry’s $5 billion increase over the preceding two years as a result of the fast increasing demand for corporate translation. Customers can now precisely control the translation’s quality, speed, and cost using Unbabel’s new LangOps Platform, providing unequaled insight. With the integration of Unbabel’s ground-breaking Quality Estimation tool, artificial intelligence can now decide which translations should be automated and which require human editing in order to achieve customers’ quality requirements, resulting in new heights of cost effectiveness.

“Unbabel always strives to create the most accurate, efficient translation experience possible to truly eliminate language barriers and help our customers reach new audiences”, “Up until now, businesses haven’t been able to fully take advantage of AI in translation but our new platform is making the benefits of AI more accessible than ever. With these advancements in our LangOps Platform, customers can now experience the power of machine translation with confidence and at scale.”

Vasco Pedro, Co-founder and CEO, Unbabel

Unbabel’s LangOps Platform will provide deep visibility into translation usage and quality along with cost savings and increased translation quality, making it simple for customers to manage processes and influence important business results. The following are additional platform characteristics and advantages:

  • Quality Estimation (QE): QE intelligently classifies text that requires human inspection while automating high-quality machine translations.
  • Users may construct, review, and manage translation pipelines with clarity for speed, quality, and cost with the pipeline manager.
  • Quality & Usage Reporting: While usage reports offer detailed visibility into consumption over time, content type, language pairings, and integrations, quality reports give users access to the quality scores of all translations.
  • With LangOps-as-a-Service, customers may receive professional linguistic help to optimize translations and achieve business objectives.

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