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Unilog Explores Google Cloud’s Generative AI Products and Tools to Revolutionize B2B E-Commerce

Google Cloud

The cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) capabilities and resources of Google Cloud are being used by Unilog, a leading international provider of B2B e-commerce solutions, to expedite the development of its AI-driven products for the sector.

Google Cloud collaborates closely with organisations to create enterprise-ready artificial intelligence solutions that will impact businesses and industries through its trusted tester and preview programmes. By collaborating with Google Cloud, Unilog hopes to optimise its B2B e-commerce platform, increase operational effectiveness, and provide more value to its clients.

“We are thrilled to be working with Google Cloud early in its development of gen AI products and tools”, “This collaboration not only validates our dedication to leveraging advanced technologies in the B2B e-commerce industry but also enables us to bring the benefits of AI to our customers more quickly and effectively. With Google Cloud’s support, we can accelerate our efforts to develop and deploy groundbreaking AI solutions that will revolutionize the way businesses conduct e-commerce.”

Suchit Bachalli, CEO, Unilog

As one of Google Cloud’s early adopters of generation AI, Unilog will get access to Large Language Models (LLMs) and help from the company’s AI research team. With the aid of these resources, Unilog will be able to create cutting-edge solutions for improving the customer experience, customising product recommendations, and enhancing pricing tactics. Unilog wants to enable its customers to make data-driven decisions that increase income and boost customer happiness by utilising the AI technologies of Google Cloud.

“Google Cloud is committed to supporting companies that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI”, “Unilog’s innovative approach to B2B e-commerce aligns with our mission to enable businesses to harness the power of AI to drive meaningful change via our generative AI technology. We’re happy to collaborate with Unilog to help its customers optimize their e-commerce operations and improve their bottom lines.”

Manvinder Singh, Managing Director, Partnerships, Google Cloud

The collaboration with Google confirms Unilog’s dedication to utilising cutting-edge technology to address challenging B2B e-commerce issues. Unilog is well-positioned to provide its customers with previously unheard-of value and to maintain its position as a pioneer in B2B e-commerce by implementing AI into its solutions.

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