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Vade Joins the Pax8 Marketplace to Offer MSPs AI Microsoft 365 Email Security Solutions


Vade, a global cybersecurity firm specialising in AI-based cybersecurity, has joined Pax8, the top cloud commerce marketplace, according to a press release. Vade’s Microsoft 365 (M365) security solutions, created exclusively for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), integrate AI and human-powered detection and response. By working together, MSPs can provide their clients with a full range of email security services that can protect them from sophisticated cyberattacks and enhance email security.

“According to Forbes, during the past 12 months, 34.5% of polled executives report their organizations’ accounting and financial data were targeted by cyber adversaries. This is an alarming trend that opens the door for businesses to reprioritize cybersecurity as a business requirement and partner with an MSP to prevent and protect their customers’ email infrastructure”, “The cybersecurity space is growing, and Pax8 is committed to provide our partners with access to best-in-class cloud solutions like Vade, enabling them to proactively protect their customers from threats effectively.”

Nikki Meyer, CVP of Vendor Global Alliances, Pax8

Vade was founded in 2009 and is based in the northern French town of Hem, which is close to the city of Lille. Vade started as a French business that specialised in email security for internet service providers (ISPs), but it has since grown into a major player in the cybersecurity industry. They now provide cybersecurity solutions built on AI that are suited for companies of all sizes and sectors. Vade has a presence in seven countries around the world, including the US, France, Japan, and Canada. It has also made a name for itself as a leader in the field of cybersecurity internationally.

An AI-driven, collaborative security solution designed for MSPs, Vade for M365 is enhanced by humans and powered by AI. Vade for M365 stops and removes sophisticated attacks that get past Microsoft’s defences thanks to its AI detection and response engine, which safeguards 1.4 billion mailboxes globally. Vade combines powerful AI-based protection with integrated, cost-free features, such as automated awareness training, cross-tenant incident response, and auto-remediation, to help MSPs save time, lessen administrative burden, and increase ROI from cybersecurity.

“As a channel-first company, Vade recognized Pax8’s unique relationship with and commitment to the MSP community”, “Pax8 is not only the premier distributor for MSPs but also a trusted resource with significant cybersecurity expertise, making this partnership a perfect fit. We are thrilled to bring Vade for M365 to Pax8’s MSP community and look forward to the new partnerships the marketplace integration will bring.”

Georges Lotigier, CEO, Vade

Vade’s integration into the Pax8 market offers MSPs and their clients that want to strengthen their email security posture a number of advantages. Vade’s cutting-edge email protection solutions, which can be effortlessly integrated into their current email infrastructure, are now readily available to customers.

Offerings from Vade M365 include:
  • Protection against spear phishing, malware, and ransomware
  • Assisted and automatic remediation
  • Response to cross-tenant incidents
  • automated training for user awareness
  • Integration of SIEM
  • non-faulty configuration
  • In minutes, deploy
  • No MX record has changed.
  • with EOP/ATP layers

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