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Featured News 2.0 Launch: A Leap in AI-Driven Product Development and Strategy


With its most recent release, equips product teams with ChatGPT4-powered AI insights for more intelligent, data-driven software development approaches. introduces ChatGPT-4-based, latest AI-powered product intelligence solution. By empowering teams with the ability to discover customer needs, make data-driven product development decisions, and quantify the commercial effect of their initiatives—all powered by artificial intelligence—this breakthrough improvement is ready to completely redefine how digital goods are created.

“Through honest conversations with over 200 CPOs and VPs from top tech companies worldwide, we learned that product teams often struggle to identify what to build next and how to measure the business impact”, “With 2.0, we provide tools that can help them confidently tackle these challenges.”

Prashant Mahajan, CEO,

Prashant Mahajan and Vaibhav Devpura, the co-founders of the company, want to revolutionise the way product teams operate by enabling them to concentrate on generating value for clients and companies more quickly and effectively than ever before.

Three significant AI-powered innovations are unveiled in 2.0, including:

  1. Customer insights: To determine how they will affect sales, centralise customer and product input, identify significant problems, and identify product opportunities.
  2. Product intelligence: Make use of artificial intelligence to prioritise product prospects that are in line with corporate objectives, comprehend customer feelings, and translate customer signals into actionable product insights.
  3. Produce product plans and use strategy maps to visualise them. Connect your OKRs to your product plan to track the results of each product using’s unique scoring methodology.

With the release of 2.0, the company is ready to make an impact on the North American market by giving companies the smart tools and tactical guidance they need to thrive in the current competitive environment. has already garnered a great deal of attention, including being named the second-best product of the day on Product Hunt and an up-and-coming startup to watch in both India and Delaware . Entrepreneur, Inc42, Mind the Product, Business Today, and other publications have all highlighted The business is a member of the esteemed Forbes Technology Council.

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