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Zesty and skyPurple Cloud Team Up To Save Enterprises Up To 44% On AWS Cloud Infrastructure Costs


SkyPurple Cloud, the experts in public cloud operations for businesses, and Zesty, a pioneer in dynamic cloud infrastructure solutions, have joined. Customers of skyPurple Cloud have already cut their average monthly EC2 Linux On-Demand prices on AWS by 44% thanks to Zesty.

Although cloud spending is still rising, growth has reportedly slowed because businesses are being cautious given the current state of the economy. Instead of overprovisioning and committing to a long-term discount plan, many organisations rely on developers to continuously monitor and manage EC2 resources and cloud expense manually.

Businesses are empowered by skyPurple Cloud’s support solutions for implementing public clouds. Customers of skyPurple Cloud use Zesty’s technology as part of its customised approach to automate and scale cloud operations to promote cost-effective, long-term growth. Customers of skyPurple Cloud noted a large increase in service quotas for Amazon EC2 instances within the first month of the installation, and the automatic handling of quota requests on customers’ behalf saved developers a significant amount of time and money.

“Particularly during such a challenging time for so many, skyPurple Cloud understands how crucial it is for businesses to maintain performance and reduce costs”, “Companies are no longer able to ignore overspending and settle for suboptimal rates for their cloud resources. EC2 instances quickly become very expensive to run and companies must ensure that more of their workloads are covered by discount programs that will dramatically push down this cost premium. We’re thrilled that skyPurple Cloud is helping its customers to stay cost-efficient by implementing Zesty.”

Maxim Melamedov, CEO and co-founder, Zesty

“skyPurple Cloud plays a key role on the path to achieve cloud optimisation in the UK market”, “We’re excited to see its customers already saving a great deal in the cloud with Zesty and look forward to enabling even more UK-based organisations to maximize their cloud savings potential.”

Lucia Meyassed, Global Partner Manager Team Lead, Zesty

“At skyPurple Cloud, we know the substantial value automation tools hold for companies when it comes to optimally managing cloud infrastructure and the costs that come with it”, “Zesty is the gift these companies have been waiting for – delivering cost savings in just a few days and significantly decreasing monthly AWS bills.”

Roy Long, Founder, skyPurple Cloud

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