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Chainlink Launches Powerful Web3 Serverless Platform for Developers


With just a few lines of code and the security of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks, Chainlink Functions enables developers to connect decentralized apps to any API (DONs) includes AP, Meta, AWS, and other integrations

The powerful new Web3 serverless developer platform Chainlink Functions was just released, according to Chainlink, the industry-standard Web3 services platform. Developers may connect their decentralised applications (dApps) or smart contracts to any Web2 API using Chainlink Functions, and then quickly conduct custom computations on it utilising Chainlink’s extremely secure and dependable network. Just a few lines of code are required to accomplish this, and no additional infrastructure needs to be managed. Chainlink Functions is a potent self-service toolbox for developers looking to create the next generation of sophisticated dApps, including integrations for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Meta, AP, and more.

Developers frequently find themselves constrained by how rapidly they can build and deploy new dApps as demand for integrating blockchain technology with real-world data, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) APIs, and conventional systems continues to rise. There aren’t many active Web3 developers due to a lack of effective tooling, and the necessity to manage specialized infrastructure and connect each dApp to isolated data sources has restricted the investigation of use cases in Web3 apps. Yet, those difficulties are now a thing of the past. With Chainlink Functions, Web3 now offers a more recognizable cloud developer experience.

“Web3 has the power to transform our world in countless ways. But for that promise to materialize, we need to make it easier for the 30M developers out there to bridge Web3 with the Web2 tools and infrastructure they’re already using”, “With the launch of Chainlink Functions, we are removing a major roadblock in the adoption of Web3, and making it easier than ever for developers to combine smart contracts with the powerful APIs and Web2 data sources they need to build amazing applications. As we help usher in a new era of app development, we are excited to see what developers can build.”

Kemal El Moujahid, Chief Product Officer of Chainlink Labs

Chainlink Functions offers a seamless environment and a powerful toolkit that allow developers to write, test, simulate, and run custom logic for their Web3 applications, similar to other cloud-based serverless developer services like Amazon Lambda. For developers who may be unfamiliar with Web3, the blockchain-enabled platform also supports off-chain programming languages like JavaScript. Developers may test out the self-service solution for all of this in the private beta right now.

Integrations with some of the biggest Web2 service providers in the world are just one of the many tools offered by Chainlink Functions that enable developers to build quickly and reach consumers quickly. Developers can utilize the enormous datasets made accessible by Amazon Data Exchange and AWS Marketplace, for instance, by integrating with AWS Data Exchange and AWS Lambda. Similar to Chainlink’s earlier integration with Amazon to offer Chainlink node-as-a-service, this enables all new use cases for dApps and promotes Web3 innovation and adoption.

“Chainlink Functions allows developers to easily call APIs from dozens of providers using one library and one set of credentials. We’re delighted to see how developers use off-chain, third-party data from AWS Data Exchange to enrich their applications.”

Noah Schwartz, General Manager of AWS Data Exchange and AWS Marketplace Foundational APIs.

Additionally, a Chainlink Functions integration with Meta enables a smooth connection between developers creating on-chain applications and blockchains using Meta’s APIs.

“We are excited about the potential of Chainlink Functions connecting Meta’s APIs to major blockchains, making it easier for the Web3 developer community to build with Meta and unlock new innovative use cases.”

Ankur Prasad, Senior Director at Meta.

Building with Chainlink Functions has a number of advantages, including:

  • Wide-ranging connectivity: Link your smart contract to any data, device, or system, including public and password-protected APIs, Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, and business processes.
  • Customized computation: Use highly scalable and adaptable serverless runtime environments to aggregate and alter your data.
  • Built on Chainlink’s secure and dependable decentralised oracle infrastructure, which has already assisted in enabling $7 trillion in DeFi transactions, for security with minimal trust.
  • Self-service in minutes: Functions’ serverless developer solution, which includes a CLI, starter kits, and a debugging environment, allows you to get started right away.
  • Execute JavaScript code in a serverless environment so you can concentrate more on your main application and less on the infrastructure.

Many Web3 developers already at work realize the great potential that Chainlink Functions can uncover.

“Dynamic NFTs require secure access to on-chain data. Chainlink Functions makes getting data on-chain seamless, by allowing developers to connect NFTs to any API in minutes”, “We believe that this new tool will unlock countless new possibilities for dynamic NFTs and inspire developers to create exciting new use cases for this transformative technology.”

Ethan Bazarganfard, Co-Founder of Playground, the creator of the NBA’s NFT collection.

“Given that smart contracts are deterministic, there is no easy way for developers to access public or private APIs from the Internet in a trust-minimized and reliable way. Chainlink Functions solves this problem by utilizing the same network of highly secure nodes that power Chainlink Price Feeds to enable Web3 developers to pull any API with just a few lines of code”, “We are excited to enable developers using thirdweb to utilize this breakthrough technology when building their decentralized applications.”

Ciara Nightingale, DevRel Engineer at thirdweb.

The Beta Version of Chainlink Functions is now live on the Ethereum Sepolia and Polygon Mumbai testnets. Chainlink Functions will continue to expand in functionality over time and be deployed across more chains in the future based on user demand and feedback. When deployed on mainnet, Chainlink Functions will use a subscription model where users pre-fund a contract, akin to how subscriptions are used for Chainlink Automation and Chainlink VRF.

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