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ClickHouse Launches Cloud Offering for World’s Fastest OLAP Database Management System


A lightning-fast cloud database that makes understanding and analytics for contemporary digital organisations easier and faster is now generally available thanks to ClickHouse, Inc., the company that invented the Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database management system. ClickHouse Cloud’s architecture decouples storage and computing and automatically expands to fit modern workloads, freeing users from having to size and tune their clusters in order to reach blazingly fast query rates. This is because there is no infrastructure to manage. With this launch, ClickHouse Cloud gains a number of new product features that improve its usability, security, and dependability.

With the help of ClickHouse’s technology, companies can leverage their data to generate near-real-time insights and innovations, whether they are a bank looking to uncover fraud or a streaming service looking for the next big hit. Given that all contemporary organisations rely on enormous amounts of data, it is crucial to be able to quickly draw conclusions from petabytes of data. With the introduction of ClickHouse Cloud, every organisation now has access to this on-demand technology. It is accessible via and the AWS Marketplace.

SOC 2 Type II compliance, service level agreements (SLAs) for production workloads, a public trust centre, and a facts status page are just a few of the new features that ClickHouse Cloud is equipped with. These features are available now to reassure users who are developing applications using service-critical data. Users will gain access to a new SQL console that will make it simple for them to connect to, examine, and query their databases after the successful acquisition of the Arctype database client.

“The advantage of ClickHouse is its speed and simplicity, and ClickHouse Cloud takes these features even further, allowing businesses to launch a service and analyze data for a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market”, “In just a few months, the ClickHouse Cloud beta has won over 100 customers and thousands of new users among developers, data analysts, marketing departments and other critical areas of the business where data is analyzed and stored.

Aaron Katz, CEO, ClickHouse

“ClickHouse Cloud delivers on our desire to let our developers go from designing to delivering real-time analytics use cases in days, radically accelerating the product innovation cycle. We are very pleased to partner with ClickHouse Cloud on performance, scalability and security.”

Eyal Manor, Chief Product Officer, Twilio

During the two-month beta period, more than 100 paying customers have already chosen ClickHouse Cloud and discovered the ability to concentrate on creating business-critical data applications without the burden of operational resources.

Additionally, a level tailored for development use cases is added by the server less, out-of-the-box ClickHouse Cloud service. This level recognizes the value of inexpensive services that allow for quick prototyping of new features and data products and is appropriate for workloads with modest volume. For a full release deployment, a user can now architect, model, and test ClickHouse Cloud.

Along with these fundamental product announcements, ClickHouse is thrilled to announce a new investment from Thrive Capital, a renowned technology investor, as part of an expansion of its Series B. This investment will help to further validate ClickHouse’s market opportunity, team, and business model. With this money, ClickHouse will be able to make more technological investments and keep expanding its elite group of software engineers.

“ClickHouse offers the most efficient database for rapid, large-scale analysis”, “We have long admired this team and we are very excited to partner with them as they launch ClickHouse Cloud to an even wider

Avery KIemmer, investor at Thrive Capital

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