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ClickUp and HubSpot Announce Strategic Partnership Empowering Businesses to Increase Productivity and Retain Customers

Strategic Partnership

ClickUp receives funding from HubSpot Ventures as the company releases improved product integrations and GTM alignment

HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling businesses, and ClickUp, the productivity platform that centralises work, today announced the beginning of a highly-anticipated cooperation to support clients in streamlining workflows and improving teamwork. Stakeholders across the customer lifecycle gain from enhanced productivity and are better informed with the insights they need to cultivate and grow client relationships by combining the potent capabilities of ClickUp and HubSpot.

Businesses are under more pressure than ever to keep spending down while maintaining topline growth as a result of shifting market conditions and economic uncertainties. Approximately 63% of North American C-suite executives, according to a 2021 Forrester study, “look to new customer acquisition to deliver growth, while 23% expect to optimise marketing spending to lower costs.” Businesses are vying for every net-new customer in today’s market while also maximising the success of their current clients.

“Building deeper relationships with customers starts with having a team that’s aligned and working together towards creating a better customer experience. That’s why I’m so thrilled about our partnership with ClickUp, the power of HubSpot + ClickUp enables growing companies to create strong connections at every point in the buyer journey”, “ClickUp gives teams the ability to create a seamless, collaborative experience at work that results in delightful experiences for its customers. We share a mission to provide organizations with powerful and easy-to-use tools that transform how they do business. I can’t wait to see how our partnership helps our shared customers grow and develop more meaningful connections.”

Yamini Rangan, CEO, HubSpot

The facilitation of an end-to-end customer journey through great customer interaction and response is the cornerstone of a successful organisation. But previously, communication between the acquisition and enablement teams has been delayed and isolated, which has led to lost revenue opportunities and subpar customer experiences. For today’s businesses to increase productivity throughout their organisation and guarantee that all stakeholders are contributing their fullest effort, they need both a powerful CRM system and an advanced work management platform.

By automating hours of tiresome manual work, the two-way sync between ClickUp and HubSpot speeds up the customer success workflow and gives visibility to all pertinent team members on the most recent status and next steps.

Two-Way Integration Across Platforms: With the next iteration of the integration, users of ClickUp and HubSpot will now have the special ability to sync data between platforms, making all data accessible and updated without the need for manual input. In order to improve visibility and collaboration, we are doing this to bring client-facing employees closer to operations.

Smooth Automations: With HubSpot and ClickUp, handoffs are now completed automatically and with all the necessary information when client teams move work forward. As customers move from delivery to renewal, stakeholders can monitor each stage of the customer journey as a result.

Discounted Pricing for Users: Users of ClickUp or HubSpot will receive an exclusive 20% discount during implementation on the previously unused vendor’s software.

“I am incredibly proud of this partnership. I have long viewed HubSpot as a role model for the type of business ClickUp aspires to be”, “HubSpot redefined the way that marketing is done by creating an entirely new category and building an incredible following along the way. Similarly, ClickUp is changing how companies operate and collaborate together and has built its own devoted community. HubSpot and ClickUp coming together is a true marriage of productivity powerhouses. We can’t wait to see all the great things our joint customers will be able to achieve with the combined impact of these dynamic tools.”

Zeb Evans, CEO and Founder, ClickUp

“ClickUp and HubSpot joining forces is a game changer! We were early adopters on both platforms, HubSpot in 2013 and ClickUp in 2017.  Both companies have succeeded where few others have by changing the way people think about their work”, “This integration and partnership are like cake and ice cream, good on their own but so much better together. Thousands of companies will be able to benefit from this new connection.”

Andrew Dymski, co-founder, ZenPilot

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